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Success with new product development on Amazon requires forward thinking and planning. Molzi by Brainlabs’ NPD Labs have developed a critical Test & Learn framework and solution to ensure your products are a hit from the get-go.

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Test new products and markets

Launching new products is no easy feat. We believe that Amazon is the perfect place to try out new product development as it allows a brand to test their products in a real-world environment with very little risk when done correctly. Molzi by Brainlabs’ NPD Labs allow brands to run small scale split testing to access real data from customers prior to a full-scale launch. Our split testing approach helps brands gain valuable insights and ensure retail readiness on the marketplace.

Optimising your content to drive conversions

Content plays a crucial part in brands’ success on Amazon. Through Molzi by Brainlabs’ Test & Learn approach, brands can make data-driven content optimisations across all areas of your product listings, providing you with a concise roadmap of changes to drive conversions and new customer acquisition.

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Launching new products across European markets

As a leader in the Household Consumer Products and Personal Care industry, Church and Dwight required support with launching its new brand, Finishing Touch Flawless brand on Amazon, across five European markets. With the peak trading season fast approaching, Molzi by Brainlabs helped to build a strong channel strategy to position the new brand on each instance of the marketplace and maximise sales.

After performing extensive market and category research for each country the brand planned to launch in, our NPD Labs team designed a complete marketplace content strategy and invested strategically to secure top placements for the most sought-after search terms, with an emphasis on protecting the branded space and aligning for the individual markets. Our retail readiness approach allowed the brand to confidently launch in all five markets and achieve stellar results.

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