eCommerce growth is more important now than ever

Discover how you can propel your growth by combining Profitero’s powerful market intelligence platform, with Molzi’s global team of Amazon specialists


Equalise the eCommerce playing field

Ask yourself, do you have the data you need to get ahead and match the competition?

Limitless opportunity

  • U.S. eCommerce grew by 44% in 2020
  • 2+ billion people purchased goods online in 2020
  • Worldwide eCommerce sales accounted for $4.28tr USD

Global competition

  • Procter & Gamble announced plans to scale eCommerce by 50%
  • Unilever announced eCommerce sales were up 61% YoY

How can you compete?

  • Global companies have global budgets to afford sophisticated analytics tools
  • Smaller organizations’ insights are often limited by their budgets

What is Profitero Pro?

Profitero Pro delivers the same powerful market intelligence used by enterprise brands like L’Oréal and General Mills, but with streamlined features that make them simpler and more affordable for small eCommerce teams.


Powerful, yet affordable insights


Simplify work and save time


Grow sales & increase ROI


An Actionable Platform


Molzi: Supporting Amazon teams to thrive

Achieve scalable and profitable success on Amazon ​with Molzi - a Profitero accredited partner. Molzi’s team can provide the expertise and resource to turn insights into an actionable growth strategy for scalable and profitable success.

Customise your full-service Amazon management package to meet your goals


Compliment strengths in your current team


Solve your challenges now and as your Amazon business evolves


Help you achieve sustainable growth

“Exceptional 360 support with efficient & fast communication, excellent reporting and prioritisation, high-quality deliverables, insights and initiatives.”
Elvie, Head of International Expansion

How Molzi x Profitero Work Together

Combine the power of Profitero's actionable eCommerce insights platform with Molzi's team of Amazon experts

  • Solve your challenges now and as your Amazon business evolves
  • Understand the competitive dynamics of your category
  • Uniquely link Amazon sales & share to digital shelf drivers
  • Partner with specialists in Amazon success strategies