Chargebacks and Shortage Reclaims

Molzi by Brainlabs’ team of  supply chain experts can work with your brand to reclaim chargebacks and shortages, whilst helping you understand why they occur and providing solutions that will prevent ongoing deductions to improve your bottom line to unlock sustainable growth opportunities. From consultancy through to team training and outsourcing, our approach to operational excellence is flexible based on your current capabilities, expertise, and business objectives.

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How it works

Our team will start by carrying out an audit of your marketplace account to analyse what the short payments and chargebacks are, the value of reclaim we would likely be able to recover, as well as long-term cost saving opportunities for your business.

Working alongside your team, we’ll look to understand why these issues occur through root cause analysis and build a recommended action plan to implement process improvements. In doing so, your brand should find that financial deductions and supply chain defects are reduced and eliminated where possible.

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Don’t let chargebacks and shortages erode your profits!

“If you’ve been trading with Amazon for some time, it’s likely you’ve built up a balance of financial deductions either through chargebacks, shortages, price discrepancies or all the above!

This can become a point of contention within your business, as well as when working with Amazon. Many of our clients felt this pain after experiencing rapid growth over the pandemic and more emphasis has been put onto securing your bottom line and protecting your P&L – we quickly recognised the impact this had on many of our clients’ ability to grow sustainably on Amazon.

Having spent the last 3 years at Amazon, including time in their EU AVS Experts & Supply Chain Excellence team, I’m excited to be working for Molzi by Brainlabs’ clients to provide practical solutions that are specific to your business needs.”

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Helping brands recover chargebacks and shortages

Molzi by Brainlabs’ supply chain experts worked with a global Kitchenware brand who’d built up a significant chargeback value over a 12-month period, to identify where the brand was being wrongly charged.

Once we’d identified the main cause of incorrect chargebacks, we compiled our insights and helped to prepare a business case for the Vendor Manager to reclaim the payments. As a result of our analysis and negotiation process, the brand was refunded the full value of owed prep chargebacks, damage allowance and was able to come to an agreement with the marketplace to rectify these payment issues going forward.

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