We want to be your Amazon Retail Team

Molzi Retail allows you to sell on Amazon via our store, rather than your own direct account or through Vendor Central.


Why Molzi Retail?

We remove the need for brands and suppliers to work with multiple agencies and retailers on Amazon, offering a fully integrated suite of services that work together seamlessly to ensure your product has the best opportunity for success.



Launch New Markets

We give you a quick and simple way to launch on Amazon in a new country. No worrying about translating content, hiring teams or opening seller accounts

Create Product Bundles

Often selling products in single packs isn’t the best solution on Amazon. But it’s also not quick or easy to create new SKU’s with different pack sizes. No problem, just ship us the singles and we’ll do the bundling, shipping and selling for you.

Cut the Crap

Brands with a large product catalogue will come across profitability issues on Amazon (Cannot Realise A Profit). Amazon’s ever growing terms and wholesale margin requirements, often make certain ASIN’s unprofitable for you and Amazon.

How Molzi Retail Works

Get the benefit of the Molzi team and their experience with Amazon strategy, advertising and content optimization, but instead of paying us a fee, you give us a cost price!

  • We agree costs and terms
  • We raise the stock request for you to deliver DDP into the Amazon FC
  • We set up and optimise the products
  • We manage advertising and drive sell outs
  • We manage inventory, reorders and forecasting