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2020 Q4 & Black Friday Amazon report

Q4 is set to be huge for Amazon sellers! Late Prime Day, another UK lockdown, shift in consumer behaviour away from brick-and-mortar retailers will force shoppers to ecommerce retailers, such as Amazon, in the run-up to Christmas. Our report analyses shopping behaviour for UK and US consumers, to help brands prep for a successful Q4.

Amazon UK lockdown trends

Over 15 million Amazon shoppers ventured into new product categories during lockdown. To help online retailers better cater to this crucial demographic, we analysed the online shopping behaviours of over 1,000 UK consumers who shop on Amazon at least twice a month. Here’s what we learnt in an infographic.

Prime Day 2020 Insights

Our survey found that despite Prime Day having been delayed since July, 80% of UK Amazon shoppers are still hoping to make a purchase on its rescheduled date. As a result, 26% say they are less likely to wait for Black Friday deals to kickstart their Christmas shopping, reflecting other reports predicting Christmas preparations will begin earlier in 2020 to spread financial costs.

UK 2020 Consumer Shopping Study

Looking beyond the dramatic headlines of a failing high-street, it’s clear to see a transforming industry with new marketplaces and retail channels opening up and shaping the future. Understanding UK consumer shopping behaviour will help brands and retailers establish appropriate sales and marketing strategies, correctly allocating resources to engage the UK consumer where they shop.

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