Ecommerce Reports

We advise our clients by using information from our own multichannel and ecommerce research. Our reports are available for free download below. 

Brainlabs | Is your brand ready for Amazon Prime Day 2022?

Is your brand ready for Amazon Prime Day 2022?

Our team of marketplace experts share their predictions for this year’s much anticipated shopping event, plus top recommendations to ensure your brand is well prepared.



Brainlabs | Profit-focused Guide to Advertising on Amazon

Profit-focused Guide to Advertising on Amazon

This report shares everything you need to know about Amazon’s growing advertising portfolio; to help consumer brands drive sustainable growth on the marketplace.



Molzi by Brainlabs | Managing Profitability on Amazon

Managing Profitability on Amazon

From deciding whether your Amazon selling model is right for you, to achieving operational excellence; learn how to profitably grow your marketplace sales. 



Molzi by Brainlabs - Amazon Success Blueprint

The Amazon Success Blueprint

Our guide to achieving sustained growth on Amazon outlines the challenges brands face and the opportunities for those investing in their marketplace presence.




Q4 2020 & Black Friday Amazon Report

To help brands with Q4 sales and planning, we analysed the online shopping behaviours of UK shoppers to see how they plan on shopping during the holiday season.




Amazon UK Lockdown Trends

Learn how the pandemic affected the online shopper behaviour of 1,000 UK consumers who bought from Amazon during lockdown in 2020.





Amazon UK Prime Day 2020 Insights

We surveyed UK online shoppers about their purchase intent and attitudes towards Amazon's long awaited Prime Day event in 2020. 





UK 2020 Consumer Shopping Study

Study into UK consumer shopping behaviour to help brands establish appropriate sales and marketing strategies, to engage them.




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