Why you need an Amazon Store

October 1, 2018

What is an Amazon Store?

Stores are mini homepages for brands within the Amazon platform. They allow brands to showcase their full ranges and provide a more colourful brand experience for shoppers. Brand Stores are free to create for registered brands who are Vendors or Sellers, and provide a curated landing destination for Sponsored Brand ads (formerly Headline Search Ads).

Amazon have recently made some important updates to Stores including adding Store URLs to Google’s Sitemap so they can be crawled by the search engine. They’ve also added canonical URLs for store pages meaning they can now be associated to relevant keywords when being read by search bots. Users clicking on a Store link from third party sites on iOS tablets and mobiles will automatically be taken to the Store page within their Amazon Shopping App, if they have it installed. These changes – and the fact that Stores are free for brands – are indicative that Amazon is working to make this a worthwhile opportunity for sellers, and that shoppers enjoy the Store experience.

Why you need an Amazon Store

Stores allow you to build loyalty with shoppers who like your products, and increase sales by showcasing ranges. Crucially, you can also use videos in your Store – the web’s most powerful content format. From a customer perspective, you can browse more products from brands you love and build a basket without having to search for every item individually.

If you’re using Amazon Advertising and have a strong brand, you may notice in your keyword reports that you’re paying for customers who are already searching for your brand. This is a great thing, and means your customers have brand affinity. A Store would allow you to direct these customers to an immersive shopping experience with your brand while still benefiting from Amazon services like Prime.

If your Amazon strategy includes brand presence, a Store provides a branded hub that works well as a landing destination for Sponsored Brand ads. Brand Stores are also a great way of generating views of new products which is vital for helping your new products to start ranking in search results.

How to create an Amazon Store

First, you have to be a registered brand on Amazon in order to get access to Stores. To do this, you’ll need to provide proof of ownership of a registered trademark. Amazon Brand Registry gives you greater brand protection and control over your Amazon listings.

If you’re a Pro Seller, look for a ‘Storefront’ tab on your Seller Central dashboard. If you’re a Vendor, you’ll find Stores as a tab in your Amazon Advertising dashboard. Here you can choose from a variety of templates and populate with your best brand content. Amazon’s interface is simple to use, but there are some important things to consider like:

  • use multimedia like carousels, slideshows and video to showcase ranges and tell shoppers about your brand
  • don’t include pricing or external URLs on your videos like your website address – Amazon will reject this
  • always check in with the mobile preview to ensure your Store is optimised for mobile
  • allow 72 hours for your Brand Store to be approved and go live after submission.
How to drive traffic to your Amazon Store

Shoppers can organically find your Amazon Store by clicking on your brand name on your product listing pages, although this may not always work as Amazon are still working out the best use for this link.

The most obvious traffic source is to use Sponsored Brand ads (formerly Headline Search Ads) to drive traffic to your store page. These ads give you key positioning at the top of search results, and allow you to show 3 products, a custom headline and your logo in one impactful ad. You can customise your store URL to look something like Amazon.co.uk/brandname. Use your custom URL to share your store page with your social media followers, or email database.

Many of our brands battle with the idea of sending known customers to Amazon, but traffic and sales from external sources helps build the organic rankings of your Store page and product listings. In the UK alone there are 40 million monthly visitors on Amazon – relative to a 65 million population, that’s an overwhelming big opportunity not to be ignored. Directing new or already engaged customers to a trusted shopping destination where they already have an account set up, card in wallet and Prime delivery on everything they buy can drive incremental sales for your business.

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