Why Amazon reviews are important

June 1, 2020

Sellers know that customer reviews are important to selling on Amazon. An ASIN that is retail ready is expected to have at least 15 reviews with a 3.5 to 5-star rating overall. However, there are more to Amazon reviews than just retail readiness. Amazon product reviews are one of the main ways you can attract customers to your Amazon listings, helping potential customers understand every detail of your product. Amazon product reviews can make or break your Amazon success!

Brands should always strive to improve or maintain their product reviews as best as they can so that they can attract and engage customers, increase sales. Reviews will benefit your brand in the long run as this seemingly small part of an Amazon listing can boost your sales incrementally and is one of the limited areas on the page in which you have no control over. Below, we point out the 4 key reasons that Amazon reviews are so important for band success.

What are the 4 ways that Amazon product reviews can help your brand?
1. Product reviews builds customer trust

A consumer is more likely going to trust an ASIN with 1000 5-star reviews than one with 1000 1-star reviews. In fact, as many as 72% of customers won’t even consider buying a product until they read some reviews. This is due to the scepticism that comes with online shopping. Amazon’s inclusion of product reviews assures shoppers that the product in question can be trusted. Therefore, it is integral to ensure that you maintain a high rating overall otherwise consumers will begin to avoid your listing feeling it is shady and not to be bought from.

2. Reviews help with Amazon SEO

As brands already know, Amazon encourages sellers to consider the consumer experience above all else. Those who do, tend to be rewarded by having their listings ranked higher for keywords. Although price and ASIN copy play a large role in boosting the A9 algorithm, customer reviews also improve a listing’s ranking. This is because the higher the customer rating, the more Amazon believes that your ASIN fulfils a shopper’s parameters for that keyword and the more likely the algorithm is to suggest it to consumers overall.

3. Amazon reviews provides helpful data and insights into customer concerns and wants

Sellers can use reviews to get an understanding of their target audience before developing a new product to sell on Amazon. Looking at your competitor’s reviews might help create an understanding as to what customers look for in a product. The title of individual reviews usually give a clear indication to the area in which the consumer gave such a positive review and should be a focus when creating your own product/ASIN.  Ease of use, pricing or quality are all major hotspots for shoppers on Amazon. However, there are more unique areas which may provide your product with an advantage over your competitors if you scour through product reviews.

4. Reviews will help to further optimise and update your ASIN

Although positive reviews are what sellers should strive for, it can be highly useful to look at your negative feedback as well. Consumers who have had a negative experience with your ASIN are more likely to complain about it via an Amazon rating. Brands can use this to evaluate key areas of their products  to improve. For example, if a consumer complains that the product sizing was wrong, it may be wise to consider updating your sizing guide. Equally, if they complained that the product didn’t meet expectations, it should be reviewed whether your product content fully matches what you are selling. In short, bad reviews will help you understand how to further improve your listing so they should not be ignored. Additionally, by fixing these points you will prevent getting the same sort of review again.

The reasons above on why Amazon product reviews are important for your brand are not independent of one another, each reason has an effect on another. For example, by editing content due to negative feedback, customer trust will develop and SEO will also improve. Due to Amazon’s flywheel effect, once you begin to optimise your ASINs to improve customer conversion, so too will you improve customer reviews, boosting both.

Are you receiving the Amazon reviews you want?

With approximately 79% of consumers trusting online reviews as much as personal recommendations, it is a no-brainer brands should work towards build up a positive repertoire of 5-star reviews. Unfortunately, the most difficult part of using Amazon product reviews to improve your Amazon account is usually getting them to begin with. There are actually a few options to consider if you are struggling to get those all important customer reviews such as the Early Reviewer and Vine programme but they don’t mean instant success.

Our team of experts know everything you need to know to make sure your ASINs are converting the way they should be from driving awareness to your listing, through to understanding the sort of images most likely to convince consumers that your product is what they need. If you are keen to understand where your major sore points are on your ASINs, need support on Amazon reviews, or any other Amazon account management related question, contact us today where one of our team members will discuss the next step


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