Why Amazon is becoming your best sales person

November 24, 2017

It’s fair to say that Amazon are the Marmite of the retail world. Everybody knows them, but there is a real split between suppliers seeing them as an opportunity, or as an enemy. One thing is for sure, with over 300 million active accounts worldwide, they must be part of any brands’ retail strategy.

There was a fear from retailers in the past that consumers would visit their stores for product advice, only to then buy the product cheaper on Amazon. Retailers have reacted to this challenge by introducing various price matching programmes to encourage customers to buy in-store.

What many brands don’t realise is that the tables have turned, and now consumers are using Amazon for product research before buying from retail stores. A survey conducted in March 2015 by Amazon revealed that 1 in 3 US consumers researched products on Amazon before making a purchase offline. For consumers under 44 years old, this drops to 1 in 2!

So even if you don’t want to actively sell your products on Amazon, you still need to manage your Amazon presence. Molzi can help with product set-ups, A+ content, reviews and channel management, so that even customers that want to buy your products from a traditional retailer will buy your products versus your competitor.


Chris Mole, CEO

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