What is eBay Promoted Listings?

December 4, 2019

eBay is a difficult marketplace to master. Due to every item having its own listing, it can difficult to get your product to be seen amongst so many other sellers’ similar items. Promoted Listings is eBay’s response to advertising your inventory. eBay’s feature allows eBay Sellers to bump up their chosen products higher on the eBay search results ultimately bypassing the eBay SEO for a price rate. This allows Sellers to receive greater exposure on the marketplace to attract consumers to buy their product.

eBay’s advertising platform is different than Amazon’s and works slightly differently than what is usually expected from an advertising campaign. Promoted Listings is currently available to all active eBay Stores on eBay US, UK, Germany, and Australia. The promoted ad will appear amongst other listings but can be noticed by a ‘sponsored’ notice above the listing’s title.

How does eBay Promoted Listings work?

 If someone clicks on a promoted listing and ends up buying it, the seller will have to pay eBay the cost rate for promoting it in addition to the usual final value fee set on the product. What makes eBay Promoted Listing different from Amazon’s advertising platform is that if the item does not sell, the Seller pays nothing. Unlike Amazon which makes money via Cost per Click (CPC), eBay advertising works via Cost per Sale (CPS). The eBay seller chooses a percentage rate of the product price as their Promoted Listing bid so they will only ever pay that price whereas Amazon uses a variable pricing system. This makes eBay Promoted Listings simpler to use as the price will be static. If a customer clicks on the listing and buys it before 30 days, eBay will charge the CPS charge.

Which products are best to use Promoted Listings on?
  • New products – Promoted Listings is great at gaining awareness on new products. Not only will it help increase early sales, but it will also help quickly improve the product’s organic best match ranking. This means that you can use Promoted Listings as a springboard to give your new inventory a chance to sell as much as you can. You can then use this to optimise your product in relation to pricing and the market.
  • Seasonal product – It is important that products for a specific time of year don’t get lost in the aether of product listings as there is a limited time in which to sell such inventory. Promoted Listings is a great tool to use to sell temporary stock quickly as such inventory is highly searched for and bought during peak months, so it is integral to be seen at these points. Moreover, Promoted Listings can be turned on and off quickly meaning seasonal products can lay low the rest of the year. Overall, the more targeted you make your eBay advertising campaign the more fruitful your result.
  • Already selling products – Promoted listings only move your products up the search ranking to be seen. If your conversion rate is low, Promoted Listings will not generate extra sales. Due to the way in which eBay works, consumers will still avoid buying your product if they see something wrong about it so optimising your listings is still important. Moreover, you will still be competing for online shelf-space against other sellers who are using Promoted Listings so those selling a similar item to yours may still take sales away from your listing if their product is retail ready and yours is not.

Get your eBay account ready for the new year

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