Top 4 ways successful brands use a comprehensive Amazon strategy

May 3, 2020

Through our work with large brands in a variety of industries and in many different Amazon marketplaces, we see success on Amazon as a comprehensive strategy. Content, visual assets, advertising and account maintenance are some of the main components that work together to form an integrated strategy that launch brands into new ecommerce heights.

Our experience selling on Amazon means we have a unique vantage point on what the most successful brands do to outperform the competition. From launching a new product or selling in a new marketplace to just needing to beat your competitors, it only happens if you think of it holistically. Check out the 4 top ways successful brands use a comprehensive Amazon strategy below.

They constantly review their Amazon content strategy

It’s both what you say and how you say it that matters on Amazon. How you describe your products, from titles and bullet points to back-end keywords and descriptions are vital to where your product ranks and how shoppers interact with your product listings.

If you’re working on multiple Amazon marketplaces, transcreation, not just translation, is equally important. So many brands fail to convert because they focus on translation only. Transcreation not just adapts the content from one language to another, but it maintains the existing tone, intent and style. Trust us, your shoppers will know the difference!

And don’t forget about mobile optimisation! 80% of shoppers use a mobile phone to browse your products.

They tell a story through imagery

To capture buyer interest and land them on your product listings, spend the time and effort to use high-quality images to tell a story. Your product images, A+ content and Amazon Stores work together to draw the shopper in with visually rich content, conveying the brand story and entices shoppers to scroll down the page.

Amazon Stores also allow for enhanced story-telling features with the additional capacity of multi-page navigation, video and more. Remember, uphold brand tone of voice throughout so you maintain consistency across a brand’s Amazon presence.

Take a look at how we created an Amazon Store for Trifo to build on our comprehensive Amazon strategy, building brand awareness and sales with advertising campaigns.

They understand Amazon advertising is integral to driving growth

Amazon is hyper competitive, and if brands want to drive new customers to their listings, especially for new brands and products, they must advertise. Comprehensive Amazon marketing strategies also look at Amazon’s Demand-side Platform (DSP) to drive brand awareness and consideration both on and off Amazon.

The right advertising strategy comes with many benefits that brands who want to beat out the competition cannot ignore. From increased traffic and sales, to product awareness and boosting rankings, the right advertising strategy will help a brand gain a competitive advantage.

They are proactive in account management

Amazon is a complicated platform and it requires brands to constantly monitor and analyse to adapt strategies to outperform competitors. With new products and features being introduced frequently, brands cannot afford to be complacent. To beat the competition, brands need to constantly monitor and maintain all their internal process and overall account health.

For example, an optimised Amazon catalogue isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it process. There are many nuances to catalogue management that require constant attention from set-up to ASIN suspension. An organised and clearly communicated catalogue that can be easily navigated delivers a better experience for online shoppers. Catalogues should be organised clearly and searchable – something that does require a lot of ongoing maintenance and listing optimisation.

The extra time, effort and investment needed to optimise and maintain your overall account health is worth it. See how we proactively helped a well-known FMCG brand protect brand reputation by merging over 50 ASINs here.

Is your brand working with a comprehensive Amazon strategy? 

These are some of the main components that work together to form a comprehensive Amazon marketing and selling strategy. Successful brands don’t think of these as separate components, instead they see them as working collectively to deliver results.

If your brand is thinking about these elements as separate entities, it’s time to schedule a free consultation with our Amazon experts. If your brand doesn’t have enough time in the day to manage your account properly, let us support you. We offer different levels of support options depending on what your brand needs. We work with a performance-based pricing model, which means we only do well if your brand does well. That’s what makes Molzi so unique! We believe we are in this together with our brand partners. Get in touch to learn how we can help support your brand with a comprehensive Amazon strategy today!


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