How to structure your Amazon business for success

April 5, 2022

Executing an actionable growth strategy on a platform that’s largely self-service can be challenging and navigating the internal structure of your Amazon business is often overlooked by many consumer brands.

Our latest report, Managing Profitability on Amazon available for free download here, unpicks the nuances required to achieve profitability on the marketplace. Below you’ll find three considerations for brands looking to succeed online.

Defining your marketplace strategy

Examining the role that your Amazon strategy plays as part of your brand’s overall channel strategy can help to add value to your marketplace proposition. Understanding the distinct role and value proposition of your marketplace strategy, will allow you to mitigate the risk of channel conflict and determine your marketing investment across channels accordingly.

Exploring your team structure

Managing an Amazon account has its complexities, and for many brands their marketplace channel has become so lucrative that they need a more tailored approach to team structure. The constant monitoring and optimisation involved in successfully running a marketplace business requires a dedicated team of Amazon experts, whose goals are aligned to those of the wider ecommerce business. 

For example, incorporating ecommerce supply chain and advertising specialists into your marketplace team will help ensure you’re considering all areas of the all-important Amazon flywheel.

Upskilling through training

Whilst most large brands will have been selling on Amazon for some time now, there is much debate over whether brands should embed digital knowledge across the wider business or have Amazon specialists who solely manage their marketplace accounts. 

The gold rush for hiring in-house Amazon talent has shown that there is more demand for specialists, than there are specialists to meet the demand. Building an expert team from the ground up is a worthy strategy to consider. Not only this, but regular organisational training on Amazon to internal teams, tailored to the brand’s needs, can help to connect the dots between commercial planning and driving growth.

Supporting your teams to thrive

At Molzi by Brainlabs, we help our clients build sustainable and scalable growth strategies on Amazon. Each of our clients have their own objectives, route to market considerations and capabilities. Through our flexible and tailored service offerings, we mitigate the need for our clients to work with multiple partners, to allow for a more streamlined and consolidated approach to growing your business on Amazon.

Whether you require support with navigating your marketplace strategy, launching new products and markets, or training your internal teams on specific challenges that come with selling on the marketplace, Molzi by Brainlabs’ Centre of Excellence team is available to assist your brand.

How to structure your Amazon business for success


Misha Pabari, Senior Marketing Manager

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