Shoppable imagery on Brand Stores

August 23, 2020

Amazon Brand Stores are one of the most important elements brands can use to communicate their brand identity, explain a product’s unique selling points and inspire shoppers. However, in order to succeed against the competition, it’s critical your Brand Store is optimised with high-quality lifestyle and product imagery in order to effectively showcase your brand.

In order to increase the branded experience on Amazon, Shoppable Images launched in 2020. Already, Amazon has reported shopper interaction with Shoppable Images and interaction points increased from 19% to 26%, demonstrating the usability of this new feature.

What are Shoppable Images?

Shoppable Images are exactly what they sound like, rich lifestyle and product imagery on an Amazon Brand Store with click-to-shop functionality. When a product catches a browsers eye, they can quickly hover or click and a box will pop up displaying basic information such as a product title, cost, customer rating and Prime availability. Most importantly, they can easily navigate directly to the product listing they’re interested in, creating a smooth transition from initial interest to conversion!



Why are shoppable images beneficial?

Shoppers can easily navigate to the product detail page, or better yet, add the product directly to the cart, all by clicking on a single image. The number of steps to conversion is reduced, leading to an increase in conversion. Remember, the key to Shoppable Imagery is using on-brand lifestyle images, demonstrating your products unique selling points in real-life. By showing off your products in this way, shoppers are more likely to convert

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Final thoughts

Use Shoppable Images to help make your Store an even better experience for shoppers. Don’t have an Amazon Brand Store? You should! It’s a stellar way to showcase your products  and provides a great interactive shopping experience for buyers. While Brand Store creation does take some time and effort, it’s worth it if you want to beat the competition and improve sales.

Need help creating your own Brand Store? Looking for support to increase conversions and sales on product listings? We can help! We have a team of SEO copywriters, UX and graphic designers and Amazon marketing specialists that have experience working with large brands to showcase products through imagery and video.


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Bridget Morrow, Chief Client Officer


Bridget Morrow, Chief Client Officer

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