How to remove or merge duplicate product listings on Amazon

September 10, 2019

What are Amazon duplicate listings and how does it happen?
Creating duplicate ASINs is a violation of Amazon’s listing policies but some sneaky 3P sellers still do it. ‘Why?’ I hear you ask. Simple. Some men just want to watch the world burn. Duplicate product listing creators usually have a motto ‘If you can’t win the game, create a new one’. So that is exactly what they do. 
Amazon duplicate listings are when immoral sellers create a new ASIN for themselves for an already featured Amazon product and in doing so, create a new product web page to avoid competing with you and others for the same buy-box. This allows them to automatically own the buy-box with an unfair advantage and begin taking impressions away from your listing. Not only this, it also makes Amazon’s streamlined search results page look messy and difficult to traverse. Amazon has guards in place to prevent more than one ASIN being created for a product. As an ASIN is created from a UPC code, Amazon can prevent GTINs from making multiple ASINs. Yet UPCs are tricky things. If a 3P Seller is able to use a different UPC then another ASIN can technically be created. Duplicate ASINs ultimately make product search and purchase decisions more complicated for customers which is Amazon’s top concern but it may begin to affect your sales if you leave the duplicate to grow into its own listing with reviews and consumers There are reportedly over 5 million suspected duplicate products on Amazon’s catalogue to date.
How do I remove or merge a duplicate listing?
It might be worth merging duplicate listings with your own ASIN as it can increase your product ranking. Merging listings will instantly include all the reviews accumulated between both listings.  As a brand owner you have an arsenal of weapons to nip a duplicate listing in the bud. Firstly, you could open a case and state the issue outright. Claim the duplicate listing is the same as yours and request that they be merged into your ASIN. Equally, you can merge ASINS via the help page or by reporting an infringement. Our advice is to discuss the duplicate listing in relation to consumers and explain how it will cause confusion to potential Amazon buyers. Amazon is focused heavily on customer service so discussing cases in relation to affecting the consumer will have a more prompt reply. Most cases will be looked at between 2 to 24 hours. Brands that are enrolled in Amazon’s Project Zero will also be able to remove counterfeit product listings without Amazon’s approval first. This will make the process much more streamlined and faster.
What if I accidentally made a duplicate?
Sometimes a 3P seller might not be aware that they have duplicated a listing. Amazon has created a way to double check your listings via the manage inventory page. If Amazon finds inventory that match other ASINs on the marketplace, they may warn you that your listing will be suppressed and will add them to your inventory page. It is then up to you to either accept or reject them as duplicates. Having a listing suppressed basically means that a customer will not be able to find your listing in search in short making the listing voided unless fixed. To avoid suppression of your ASINs identified as potential duplicates, follow these steps:
  1. Go to Inventory > Manage Inventory in Seller Central.
  2. Click Potential Duplicates at the top of the page.
  3. Click the Review Duplicates button for an ASIN.
  4. Read the instructions on the top of the page and review your ASIN with its potential duplicate.
  5. Select the appropriate button at the bottom of the page to confirm whether your ASIN is a duplicate or not.
  6. Repeat the procedure for remaining ASINs.

ASINs for a brand that is registered in Amazon Brand Registry can only be merged by the rights owner.


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Beth Collins


Beth Collins

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