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December 1, 2020

80% of shoppers are using a mobile phone to browse your products and 62% of shoppers have purchased something on their mobile in the last 6 months. If you don’t have a mobile-first strategy,  you will lose sales, it’s as simple as that. In the competitive Amazon ecosystem, brands can’t afford to lose out on this traffic source because you’re leaving your brand vulnerable to competitors that are thinking mobile-first.

In this guide, we will discuss best practices for mobile optimisation. This information has been gathered by our Amazon SEO experts who have identified the most important areas brands need to focus on for mobile optimisation.

How do I optimise my Amazon store for mobile?

Make sure you are referencing keyword research when designing your Store. Align your homepage and Store based on the highest volume search terms for the brand – these depict where the highest demand lies. For example, if one of your products has a higher search volume than others, feature it at the top of the page. Popular products and best sellers should be quick and easy to find. Adding too many clicks could risk shoppers leaving your brand Store and heading back to the search bar where they’ll be exposed to your competitors.

Amazon Store images and videos

When building your Store, some of the tiles allow the option to upload a different image that appears on mobile only. This tells us that Amazon is starting to help brands better optimise for mobile as they understand the importance of keeping that mobile shopper engaged. Brands can also add videos on stores. Videos are a great way to engage the shopper and tell a story. However, make sure you choose videos that are relevant, informative, nice to watch and short. You risk losing the interest of the shopper if your video is too long. We find videos around 15 seconds work well to keep the shopper engaged!

How do I optimise my Amazon listing for mobile?

One of the best ways a brand, new or established, can increase conversions is by ensuring your listings are optimised for mobile.

For mobile, there are 4 key parts of your Amazon listing to optimise:
  • Product title
  • Product description
  • Bullet points
  • Product images
Product Title

A first impression is the most important impression! If you aren’t catching a shoppers attention immediately, you risk losing the sale. Amazon has a character limit of 150-200 characters for product titles, depending on the category. However, for mobile, Amazon recommends a maximum length of 80 characters, so the title is displayed in full-length on a smartphone. This means you need to put the most critical information in a small amount of characters to motivate that shopper to click on your ASIN. You need to be clever with the 80 characters you have and ensure you engage with your consumer.

A good rule of thumb is to follow a template similar to this: brand name + product type + key feature or benefit – variant (size / quantity / pack size / colour).

Product Description

On a mobile, the description appears before the bullets, usually shown as a single paragraph and only 200 characters are shown before more text can be revealed by clicking on the “Show More” or “See More” buttons. If your brand does not have A+ content, your product description is all the more relevant and critical to your success. This is where research into more than just the unique selling features is important. It’s critical you understand who your target audience is and what they are looking for in a product to increase the likelihood of a conversion. A reasonably informed buyer already has a general idea about the features they are looking for in a product, so ensure you’re using this space to focus on what sets you apart from the competition. For example, use this space to solve a question buyers often ask in the Q & A of other listings.

Bullet Points

The bullet points are where brands typically list the benefits, advantages and unique differentiators of your product. Since you only get 3 bullet points displayed as standard on mobile, ensure you prioritise the most important benefits first. This is another area in where research into buyer persona helps.  In order to find the best content to add in your bullet points, do your research and read the reviews of your competitors. What are commonly mentioned features or frequently asked questions? Use your bullet points to engage the emotions of the buyer, grab their attention, and solve a problem no other product does. Keep bullets concise and address the shoppers need, so they know the product is fit for purpose before they even scroll down.

Mobile-Ready Hero Images

The main product image is probably the most important thing to consider when managing your Amazon listing on mobile.

The top 3 things shoppers look for in an Amazon listing:
  • Brand – The name of the company
  • Variant Type – What specific product it is
  • Size – How much of the product there is

Images can help mobile shoppers quickly identify a product that suits them – this is especially crucial for FMCG and repeat-purchase categories. The primary image portrayed on Amazon’s search results should clearly show these 3 things to make mobile shopping more efficient for the consumer. This may also avoid missing out on any possible sales caused by the consumer scrolling past your listing as it wasn’t clear.

What makes a good mobile-ready hero image?

The pack shot should be stripped back to a simpler design so it isn’t cluttered with unneeded or illegible information. Anything unimportant should be taken out, and the three core factors should be enlarged for better legibility on a small screen. It must evidently show the brand, type of product and item variant as well as any extra information that might specify the exact product being sold.

When viewed at 16mm size on mobile and held at arms length away (75cm) a shopper with good vision should be able to determine all key elements from the digital pack.

Amazon’s image restrictions & regulations claim that “Images must accurately represent the product and show only the product that’s for sale”. Mobile-ready hero images in actuality bend this rule as they have been altered to make them more efficient for consumers. It is to the seller’s discretion then whether they decide to change their hero image as Amazon may decide to reject it. Those with Brand Registry may file a claim to prevent this from happening though. Amazon does not have any information on optimising for mobile at this time.

As a more general rule for mobile shoppers, ensure your product is as big as possible, taking up 80% or more of the image size. Show the product out of the box, at a flattering angle that depicts it accurately, without logos or people or accessories on the main image. Scale and box contents, warranties and packaging can be shown on subsequent images.

How is your brand converting on mobile?

If you aren’t happy with your click-through rates and conversion numbers on mobile, you need to have a look at what your customer is seeing when they browse on their smartphones. Mobile optimisation isn’t necessarily complicated, but it requires a good eye for design and someone who understands UX, layout and navigation, as well as a bit of wordsmith-ery.

As always, the team at Molzi is here to help. We have SEO and design experts who understand how to strengthen your homepage, A+ content, brand stores and product listings from start to finish. From understanding buyer personas and purchasing habits to design and SEO, our Amazon content and account managers can take your brand to the next level. Whether you have an existing homepage that needs a refresh, or want to launch A+ content, get in touch with our team today and let us know what you need help with. If you’re already selling on Amazon we will perform a brief audit to determine how we can help support your Amazon sales strategy in any Amazon marketplace. shopper.


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Anja Bilas


Anja Bilas

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