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November 21, 2019

We recently created a survey discussing UK shopping habits. In this survey we asked our UK respondents to also answer some questions about Black Friday weekend, and the results are in!

Online shopping behaviour changes over Black Friday, compared to other times of the year. Last year, GlobalData reported that the majority of Black Friday sales occurred online. Moreover, that Amazon was the most successful company during this special holiday. We believe the same will most likely happen this year as we discovered that 43% of those buying during Black Friday plan to avoid the queues and shop online. This correlates with RetailNext’s analysis of Black Friday 2018 where brick and mortar sales during the holiday dropped as much as 7% compared to 2017

Who is buying on Black Friday Weekend?

Interestingly, the largest demographic that will be looking for deals on Amazon this Black Friday appear to be 35-54-year olds.  This will be followed closely by 18-34-year olds. ‘Books, Games & Films’ will be the most sought after for 35-54-year olds (32%) and ‘Everyday Household Items’ is indicated to be the most popular category for 18-34 (34%).

Black Friday Age Analysis

What will be the most popular products this Black Friday?

It appears that the most popular item selling over Black Friday across all age groups will be ‘Books, Games & Films’ with 76% of those buying during the event also purchasing in this category. Other significantly sought over categories will be ‘Everyday Household Items’ (50%) and the ‘Gifts’ category (68%). Interestingly, the ‘Gift’ category will have the biggest increase of sales over Black Friday where usually 47% of people buying on Amazon usually buy gifts, we have noted a climb to 68% this upcoming Black Friday. It is evident that UK shoppers are already preparing for Christmas by searching for gifts and ideas online. Moreover, since Amazon consumers believe that their main reason for buying on the marketplace is product range (31%) and the feature that most influences their product purchase is price (41%). It is evident that Amazon will do well this holiday both for Christmas research and holiday purchases.

What impact will Black Friday have on Amazon sales?

We have noticed that the holiday will entice offline customers to try buying online. ‘Beauty & Health’ products is one such category; 38% prefer not to shop this category online, however, 43% of our study respondents claim that they will buy something in this category on Amazon during the Black Friday event. This suggests that deals placed on ‘Beauty & Health’ products may increase sales over the Black Friday weekend.

What categories might struggle on Amazon during Black Friday 2019?

In our survey we also discovered that there are still some categories which online marketplaces have yet to permeate. Retail/brand websites remain the preferred platform for buying clothing (50%), furniture (40%) and groceries (52%) over Black Friday. It is our hypothesis that the gap between buying on Amazon and retail/brand websites for these select categories will decrease in the future as the marketplace continues to grow a foothold in areas such as fashion and Amazon Fresh & Pantry. Already we can see that although 50% of consumers buying over the weekend will shop for discounts on clothing on retail sites, 43% will still consider Amazon for fashion.

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