How to maintain momentum after Amazon Prime Day

June 23, 2020

Prime Day is a highly anticipated event as it means more traffic on Amazon which for most brands leads to more sales and the opportunity to be seen by potential shoppers. Yet, looking at Prime Day as an event removed from the rest of the year is a very short-sighted approach.

Although Prime Day is widely regarded as a 1- or 2-day event, the effects of it can be felt for much longer depending on if brands build momentum after Prime Day should be viewed as an event that will improve your ROI for the next year if you implement a strategy that builds on the momentum created. Below are the key actions to take to ensure that your Amazon sales continue to flourish after Prime Day 2020.

Continue to advertise

Many brands decide to cut their ad spend right after the end of Prime Day. This is a mistake. Doing so will severely stagger your Amazon sales as consumers are likely to still be shopping on Amazon. The best way to understand this is to consider your shopper conversion funnel. It is highly likely that shoppers saw your brand via your Sponsored Ads and may be considering your products but have yet to convert. They need to be reengaged. Additionally, if using DSP as part of your advertising strategy, you may find that the increase in views to your ASINs might make a remarketing campaign worth considering.

Look at your sales results

Although there may be some late conversions that are spill over from Prime Day, you can get a good idea as to the success of your Amazon Prime Day strategy altogether. Certain products may have sold well whereas other may not have. The differences between them may be as transparent as forecasting issues but it could be as minute as the keyword you were targeting for being the wrong keyword. This data is invaluable and will help you refine your ASINs and hopefully improve impressions and conversion rate.

Take advantage of your increased sales

Brands tend to forget consumers the moment they convert on Amazon. This should not be the case, especially if they bought your product over Prime Day. Sellers should already have considered using Vine or Early Reviewer Programme to improve their Amazon review rating, but you can also request a review for any specific order. This gives brands the opportunity to take advantage of any customer that they provided an outstanding service for over Prime Day. This feedback will help in accumulating good reviews, and help determine any content which could be optimised such as answering any questions or misunderstanding the consumer had.

Reinvest sales back into your ASINs

Since the Amazon marketplace is based on the flywheel model, it is key to remember that reinvesting time and resources back into your listings will also help keep momentum after Prime Day. By increasing budgets, brands can ensure bigger advertising campaigns, participate in new product development and testing, afford better fulfilment options such as FBA fees or delivery services. There are many ways brands can reinvest back into their Amazon account which might not be as apparent though such as hiring an Amazon agency to help optimise sales further!

Is your Amazon Prime Day strategy not up to scratch?

When you think about Prime Day you instantly think about the crowds of consumers desperately snatching bargains but online discounts require dedication and optimisation by the brand. Molzi can help provide this service for you. No in-house Amazon team has all the necessary tools and experience needed to maintain an Amazon account. Our entire team cumulatively have all the skills required and are dedicated to the nitty gritty of maintaining a successful Amazon account. Our Amazon team can make your account flourish by executing the best promotional campaigns that fit within your Amazon strategy, creating mobile-optimised content and stand-out store pages and providing an excellent advertising strategy to target potential consumers! Contact us today to ensure that your Prime Day sales take off!


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