How to increase your eBay SEO

October 23, 2019

Every online marketplace needs a search engine to help consumers find the products they are looking to buy. In eBay’s case this search engine is called Cassini. It determines what order listings are ranked within a consumer’s search results. The highest ranked listing for the specific search specified will be the 1st. Although eBay holds what Cassini checks in order to rank your listing close to their chest there are certain factors which are obvious. Just like Google SEO, Cassini focuses on relevance and the consumer. The more value you can offer the customer, the higher SEO ranking your product will have.

Why is my eBay SEO ranking important?

Improving your product listing SEO will ultimately increase sales as there will be a higher likelihood that your product will be seen the closer it is to becoming the first listing shown in eBay’s search results. Imagine you are looking to buy a coat on eBay. You type in ‘winter coat’ and are hit with thousands of listings. How many of them do you check? How far down do you browse the results pages? How many filters did you apply? Chances are you scrolled down less than half-way before deciding to click on a listing or changing your search terms.

Now imagine you are selling a man’s winter coat. Your listing is not shown on the 1st page of the search results. As a consumer you didn’t spend the time to check out all the options so why expect others to do so? It isn’t a sensible idea to rely on eBay’s search filter system to be seen by consumers as it can leave you with a lot of competition and assumes buyers have the time and patience to filter their results, in short it parallels with relying on luck. Climbing up the search rankings by understanding how eBay SEO works is therefore VERY important to your sales.

How do I improve my eBay SEO?

The key to understanding eBay SEO is to first understand your target audience. eBay is all about the consumer so improving your SEO ranking relies heavily on what consumers look for in a listing. There are 3 areas in which eBay’s Cassini is certain to take into consideration when ranking your product listings.

eBay’s SEO algorithm prioritises search results via the relevance of keywords in the listing title. Make sure your product listing contains keywords consumers would be looking for such as colour, size or the brand. Unlike Amazon, eBay titles are more weighted in determining your SEO ranking than product descriptions. However, this does not mean that you should avoid optimising your description with relevant keywords as consumers can click the ‘search in description’ box to find their enquiries within product descriptions.

By analysing buyer behaviour, eBay Cassini can determine the SEO ranking of a listing. If many customers click a listing and buy the item, eBay will rank that product higher. Make sure your content is optimised via what consumers will want to see & know. Informative descriptions, professional images & filling in the ‘item specifics’ section when relevant will all help convert sales and increase your eBay SEO ranking. It is a win-win situation! The better ranking you have, the more sales you make and the more sales you make, the better ranking you gain. The key is reaching that point. Other factors such as free P&P and a fast delivery speed will also help your product improve sales conversion.

eBay Cassini also factors in a seller’s previous performance. Successful sales, ratings, and customer service all help teach eBay’s algorithm that you are a trusted seller. As you would expect, a trusted seller means eBay is more likely to advertise your listings over those that that they have no history with.

It is also important to note that listings that will expire sooner will rank higher. Therefore, it is no surprise to see your listings doing well the closer they get to expiring.

Optimise your eBay sales with Molzi

By understanding and improving your eBay SEO, Molzi will not only increase your product rankings but will also boost their natural sales. Therefore, by choosing Molzi to optimise your eBay listings you will find that you will always be winning!

Anja Bilas

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