Four ways to build a comprehensive Amazon strategy

April 26, 2022


Content, visual assets, advertising and account maintenance are some of the main components that work together to form an integrated Amazon strategy that helps launch brands into new ecommerce heights.

 In this blog, we explain how a holistic approach to your Amazon strategy that combines the four tips below can help your brand see success on the marketplace.

1. Constantly reviewing your content on Amazon  

How you describe your products, from titles and bullet points to back-end keywords and descriptions are vital to where your product ranks, but also how shoppers interact with your product listings. Remember not to forget about mobile optimisation!

 Whilst the default desire for your team may be to focus purely on the look and feel of your product listings, it’s important to keep in mind that Amazon is a data-driven platform, powerful SEO and keyword research that is regularly reviewed, combined with customer education on what they’re purchasing should be at the forefront of your strategy.

 If you’re selling in multiple Amazon markets, transcreation is equally important. Adapting your content from one language to another, whilst maintaining the tone of your brand, as well as the cultural nuances of your target market can seem laborious however trust us, your shoppers will know the difference.

2. Tell a story through imagery

Amazon has worked hard to provide features on its platform that allow you to build your brand awareness and sales. To capture buyer interest and land them on your product listings, we recommend spending the time and effort to use high-quality images that tell a story.

 Your product imagery, videos, A+ content and Amazon Stores work together to draw the shopper in with visually rich content, conveying your brand story and enticing shoppers to scroll further down the page. Amazon Stores also allow for enhanced storytelling features with the additional capacity of multi-page navigation, video and more. Upholding a brand tone of voice throughout so you maintain consistency across your brand’s Amazon presence is key.

3. Advertising on Amazon is integral to growth 

Amazon is hyper-competitive, and if your business is looking to drive new customers to listings, especially for new brands and products, you must consider investing in advertising. From increased traffic and sales to product awareness and boosting rankings, the right advertising strategy will help your brand gain a competitive advantage.

 Likewise, advertising space on Amazon is just as competitive. Not only do you have to attract new shoppers, but you must also defend your position and limit the risk of consumers purchasing a competitor product. Continuously reviewing and adapting your advertising investment is key if you wish to maintain and grow versus the market.

4. Be proactive with account management 

Finally, Amazon is a complicated platform which requires you as a brand to frequently analyse your current performance to inform future strategies that will outperform the performance of competitor brands. With new products and features being introduced often, brands cannot afford to be complacent. To beat the competition, we recommend your brand continually monitor and maintain all internal processes and overall account health.

How Molzi by Brainlabs can help

Specialising in Amazon strategy and results, we can help your brand achieve sustainable growth on Amazon, boost your advertising return, reduce operational costs, drive incremental sales, and expand into new territories.

 Download our free report to learn how to profitably grow your Amazon sales today!

Four ways to build a comprehensive Amazon strategy


Misha Pabari, Senior Marketing Manager

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