5 differences between Amazon DSP and other advertising platforms

March 22, 2022

Rapid growth in advertising revenue is starting to put Amazon in competition with industry leaders Google and Facebook. In fact, Amazon recently revealed that its ad revenue topped $31 billion in 2021 overall, up around 55% for the year and 32% for Q4 alone. 

In this blog, we outline the key benefits and differences between Amazon DSP and other advertising platforms such as Google and Facebook.

How can your brand benefit from using Amazon DSP?

  • Engage with audiences on and off Amazon

Amazon DSP is the only advertising platform that allows advertisers to run hyper-targeted display and video ads both on and off the marketplace platform, reaching Amazon shoppers where they are online and at every stage of their shopping journey. In doing so, brands can engage with new audiences, grow their online presence and product visibility on the marketplace, and drive incremental return-on-investment. 

  • Make data-driven decisions on your advertising strategy

Through the use of Amazon DSP, you can evaluate your brand’s impact and success by measuring the revenue that is attributed to shoppers exposed to programmatic advertising, and make data-informed decisions based on tangible results. This is a huge advantage over running advertising via Google or Facebook, which are currently unable to directly measure the impact the investment spent on those channels has on marketplace sales. 

  • Gain access to a large database of online shoppers

Amazon has the largest database of online shoppers across all stages of the customer journey and across hundreds of retail categories. With the industry-wide deprecation of third-party cookies, DSP advertising retains full audience hyper-targeting capabilities that allows you to serve customers with the most relevant adverts.

  • Glean actionable insights on how shoppers browse and purchase on Amazon

The advertising platform allows you to gain actionable insights about your product viewers and purchasers using Amazon’s Audience insights, but also learn more about your brand’s target demographic, purchase frequency and consideration period. Applying these insights to your overall strategy increases the impact and efficiency of DSP advertising by targeting the right shoppers, at the right time. 

  • Use dynamic ecommerce creatives to target shoppers

Amazon DSP allows you to promote new products, customer reviews, and special offers with dynamic ecommerce creatives that look similar to your existing product listings on the marketplace. The use of dynamic creative helps to increase the effectiveness of engagement rate and conversions to brand stores and product pages. 

A full-funnel approach to advertising

As more customers are increasingly beginning their shopping journey online, devising a holistic advertising strategy has never been more important. We help brands use data from Amazon’s Demand Side Platform to inform decision making and nurture relationships with customers at all stages of the purchasing journey, from awareness on and off-site, to consideration, and to on-site purchase. Our industry-leading AI and automation tools help drive efficiency, provide reporting transparency, and measure KPIs that are most important for your brand.

Molzi by Brainlabs recently partnered with a global Electronics brand to design a comprehensive campaign strategy to harness the full data-driven capabilities of DSP advertising on Amazon, in a bid to drive marketing performance.

Through continuous data informed optimisations, we delivered consistent performance improvements month-over-month, finishing with a 197% increase in Total ROAS between March and May and exceeded the ROAS target by 56%.

To find out how your brand can best use DSP advertising to grow awareness or to understand how to use your ad spend budget in the most effective way, speak to our team of experts today. 


5 differences between Amazon DSP and other advertising platforms


Misha Pabari, Senior Marketing Manager

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