Amazon's Early Reviewer Program has come to the UK

June 23, 2019

Let’s face it, getting Amazon reviews on new products can be hard. No one wants to take a chance on buying a product with minimal reviews in case it isn’t any good. Even those who have bought it might not have thought about reviewing it and just took it for granted that it was exactly what they were looking for. Ultimately this means a great product might not be selling as well as others just because it is a new product with lesser reviews. Not only does the Seller lose sales but it also affects their Amazon SEO ranking. Luckily, Amazon’s Early Reviewer programme has recently been rolled out for UK Seller Central accounts after becoming a success with sellers in the US.



Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program attempts to help get reviews for products for Seller Central accounts. It asks customers with no abusive or dishonest review history, and who have already bought the product, to leave an honest review of it. In doing so they will be gifted a £1-£5 Gift Card. Unlike incentivised reviews, which Amazon prohibited in 2016, the only customers who might be encouraged to leave a review are those that have already bought the product. This ultimately means that products that have only been bought a handful of times might not benefit as well from the Early Reviewer Program. Ideally products need a large enough pool of customers in order to make sure you get enough reviews as it is unlikely all customers will feed back, despite the incentive. For those wondering if selling globally will affect their eligibility, you will not be excluded. However, only UK customers who bought your products will be chosen, so make sure that your products on Amazon UK has several consumers before enrolling them.

Sellers can enrol specific products into the Early Reviewer Program if they fit the criteria: the product must have less than 5 reviews, must have a minimum sell price of £15, and finally, must be brand-registered. The product will remain in the program for a maximum of 1 year or until the product receives 5 reviews from customers selected by Amazon. Other people can also give customer reviews during this time and they will not count towards the 5 Early reviews Amazon is trying to receive for you. Each enrolment costs £60 plus any applicable taxes but will include all the products under a Parent SKU. You will only be charged once you receive your first review through the program, so if a product doesn’t receive any reviews after a year then you won’t be charged.

The Early Reviewer Program isn’t available for Vendors, however there is a similar initiative called the Amazon Vine Program which vendors may want to check out.

Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program is not a solve-all solution to selling new products on Amazon UK though. It requires the product to already be selling, but simply not receiving many reviews, for it to be beneficial. In short, Amazon’s Early Review Program is something worth thinking about for Seller Central account holders but should be used in conjunction with more typical means to drive more sales such as sponsored ads, promotions and deals to help obtain organic reviews in the process.

Not sure why your products aren’t selling as well as you thought they should?

The Early Reviewer Program is a nifty Amazon programme to enrol in if you are a seller but if you aren’t already making sales then it won’t be very effective. This is why brands need to ensure that their ASINs are fully optimised and retail-ready before enrolling. Molzi has the experience in optimising content and using Amazon advertising to make an impact in your sales. We can give you a few friendly pointers to put you in the right direction. We know all about optimising business sales and are always willing to help a company in need any way we can. We can provide a consultancy service to point you in the right direction or equally take on a more hands-on approach in optimising your sales.


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