How to get the Amazon's Choice badge for your products

July 23, 2018

One of the questions asked frequently by our brands is how to get the Amazon’s Choice badge for their products selling on Amazon. A common misconception is that this little black sign board can be purchased as part of Amazon’s Marketing Services. It’s not. If it were for sale to the highest bidder, Amazon wouldn’t be on their way to fulfilling their goal of becoming the most consumer-centric organisation in the world.

The coveted Amazon’s choice badge

The Amazon’s Choice program was originally launched as a feature of the first Amazon Echo voice-enabled speaker back in 2015. The idea was you could ask Alexa to order you a simple item such as toothpaste. If you didn’t have toothpaste in your order history, Alexa would give you a recommendation from the Amazon’s Choice program.

Since then the feature has migrated to the website and evolved to help customers filter through the myriad of choice on the marketplace.

How to get the Amazon’s Choice badge

If you hover over the Amazon Choice badge, the pop-up describes it as follows: ‘Amazon’s Choice recommends highly rated, well-priced products available to dispatch immediately.’

This implies that good customer ratings, competitive pricing and availability are important contributors. We also know that conversion has a part to play in swaying many of Amazon’s algorithms – and yet you don’t have to be the Best Seller of a category to enter into the recommendations program. Low return rates is a key factor. It benefits Amazon but also signifies adequate product quality, which is important for happy customers.

Amazon’s Choice is only awarded to products offering Prime delivery. This means products fulfilled by, or sold by Amazon itself, that customers can get in a hurry.

Since this program began as a feature of their personal-assistant, we’re interested to see how it may become a key part of Amazon’s voice-commerce strategy in the future.

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