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December 2, 2020

SEO is one of the most important factors when selling on Amazon and brands who don’t understand Amazon keyword optimisation will struggle to make sales. Since there are over 5 million sellers on Amazon, the biggest hurdle to selling on this marketplace is making sure your product listings are being seen by the right audience at the right time in their search. Amazon SEO keywords not only help ensure Amazon shoppers will see your product listings in their search results, but it will lead to a higher conversion rate and sales!

There are 4 steps to optimising your Amazon keyword strategy:

1. Know what affects Amazon SEO

Before refining your SEO keywords, it is a good idea to know how else your ASINs can be affected by optimising your product detail pages. Ensure your product listings are optimised from top to bottom or you will miss out on optimum sales, regardless of how targeted your keywords are. This means explanatory titles, stand-out imagery, descriptive bullets and compelling product descriptions. Find out the other ways your Amazon rankings can be improved with Molzi’s Amazon SEO guide.

2. Do some Amazon keyword research

The key to Amazon keyword optimisation is keyword research. To build an effective Amazon keyword strategy you must first position yourself as a shopper looking for your products. How are people searching for products like yours? What words are mostly used to find it? Are they looking for variations such as colour, type or brand? Use a keyword research tool to find out the most popular Amazon target audience keywords (words that people search for). Determining how shoppers search for products will help you discover the sort of keywords to include in your Amazon listings. If a consumer is looking for winter shoes, you might find that they are in fact searching for ‘winter boots’ or ‘cold weather shoes’. Your research might surprise you as to how people tend to discover your products on Amazon and not only help in Amazon SEO, but help you understand your target audience. For example, the number one criteria for shoppers buying televisions on Amazon is screen size (“TVs 50 inch”), while shoppers browsing for toys are concerned with age appropriateness (“toys for 2 year old”). Amazon target audience keywords are also a great way to ensure that you’re not losing out on engaging with your target audience to competitors!

3. Optimise your Amazon listings with keywords

Now that you know what Amazon SEO keywords consumers use to find your products, you can implement them into your ASINs. Use Amazon keyword optimisation to optimize your product title with keywords, include them in your bullet points, and product descriptions. Although there is no definitive proof that SEO is affected by A+ content, it is a conversion-driver which, in turn, builds rank. Key phrases or keywords that aren’t used in these sections can be used in the back-end of your listing. However, backend keywords will hold less clout than if they are used on page so ensure you use the keywords most likely to improve traffic in your listing. Amazon doesn’t reward repetition or keyword placement hierarchy, but equally won’t penalise repetition of keywords.

4. Optimise your Amazon advertising keywords

Not only can you use your Amazon keyword optimisation work to improve your organic Amazon SEO ranking but you can also use them to improve your Amazon PPC strategy. Targeting your Amazon SEO keywords drives ad-attributed sales. Any conversion on a keyword will boost the ranking for that keyword. Paying for conversions, especially for a new listing that lacks reviews and sales history, is a sure-fire way of building your organic rankings quickly.

Optimise your Amazon SEO this year

Molzi understands the difficulty between running an account and have an effective Amazon keyword strategy to optimise your sales. It is hard to juggle both especially when the goal posts keep changing. Why not let our team have a look at your Amazon listings and see how we can help boost your SEO ranking? From content optimisation, integration and account management, we can help you through every step of the ecommerce journey. Contact us now to see exactly how we can help drive traffic to your Amazon listings.

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Bridget Morrow, Chief Client Officer


Bridget Morrow, Chief Client Officer

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