Amazon Netherlands – the Dutch ecommerce landscape

April 28, 2020

Since the recent announcement about becoming a fully-fledged Amazon marketplace, Molzi decided it was a great time to open an office in the Netherlands. This office is Molzi’s fourth in almost as many years.

Molzi chose the Netherlands as our new office location because want to help our global clients expand into new marketplaces. Equally, we want to help Dutch sellers expand globally and is the key to doing both! From global experience to local knowledge, we have what it takes to help your brand sell! If you’re new to Amazon and need help setting-up your seller account, to more experienced brands looking to grow into, and beyond, we can support your sales goals.

Ecommerce Growth in the Netherlands

Last year, Dutch ecommerce was worth an estimated €25.8 billion, rising 7% from 2019. The ecommerce industry now accounts for 10.3 percent of the country’s total retail industry. It’s for this reason that the Netherlands is an untapped market opportunity. With the arrival of Amazon giving the country its own marketplace, it is even more profitable for sellers and at the moment there is less competition, making it a bit easier to break into. However, that won’t last, so sellers need to act fast!

Although has dominated ecommerce sales in the Netherlands, making a total of €1.6 billion last year alone, Amazon has a great opportunity to become a game-charger and will pose serious competition to sellers. Why? Amazon’s existing European infrastructure, including their Pan-European FBA programme allow for access to sell easier across Europe. Plus. Amazon has a wider category range than, has the established brand behind it and does what it does best – customer experience.

“With big players such as Bol, coolblue and Wehkamp already active in the Dutch market, the change Amazon will bring to the Netherlands is that it offers both sellers as well as consumers a gateway to European customers and products. In my opinion, this will be one of Amazon’s strongest assets besides variety, low pricing and ease of use which will help them win market share from some of the established platforms in NL. Amazon’s track record is impressive. It might take some time but given the impact of COVID-19 situation on online sales I would not be surprised if they will achieve their goals faster than expected.”​

– Jaap Buma, Molzi’s Senior Business Development Manager, Netherlands
How Molzi services can help you sell on Amazon Netherlands
Providing Set-Up

Maybe you’re already selling on Amazon or using FBA, but looking to drive incremental sales? We can help expand your Amazon business to new countries. Whether you want to sell into the Netherlands or want to target the rest of the world, Molzi has the skills and know-how to make set-up and integration with your existing fulfilment solution a breeze. We understand all the hoops you need to jump through to sell in multiple marketplaces and understand the best marketplaces to consider when breaking into a new country.

Transcreation services

Molzi understands the power that transcreated copy can have on a consumer especially regarding the experience they have onsite. This reason is why we have our own team of expert translators who can ensure that your ASINs are fluent in whatever language you need. Plus, transcreation is a step-above simply translated copy, as it not just adapts the content from one language to another, it maintains the existing tone, intent and style. Trust us, the investment is worth it because your customers can tell the difference between translated copy and transcreated copy!

Our pricing system

Expanding into a new country can be a scary and expensive decision which is why our Amazon account managed service pricing is simple. We believe in a performance-based pricing model. It is based on the actual performance of your product and how it sells on Amazon. We make a small percentage of monthly commission from the products we help sell. So if your brand does well, we do well. We believe in this pricing model to drive real value for our clients. By working for our commission, we can assure our clients that we are maximising their sale results and never take a larger sum of the overall profit than the client.

“Amazon don’t take lightly the challenge of entering a new country, if they identify a country as having potential enough to open a Retail presence, they are serious about making a success of it. They will know that they already have customers within the Netherlands who are shopping on their other EU sites, meaning there is an opportunity drive deeper customer penetration with an improved customer experience. There is also a consideration of how this new presence allows brands to gain greater access to customers in other countries (Belgium springs to mind). This is a long-term play. Year one traffic will likely be low on relative terms, but over the long term the opportunity exists to catch up to the larger, more established Amazon countries.” ​

– Charlie Merrells, Molzi Chief Strategy Officer
Are you a Dutch brand looking to sell on Amazon Netherlands or across Europe?

We have the global experience, team of Amazon experts and local knowledge to launch your brand into and beyond. Our team of Amazon experts in the UK, Spain, Hong Kong and the Netherlands can help sell your products. We are a unique, full-service agency that work with your brand to sell. And remember, our performance-based pricing model means we only get paid if we sell your products on Amazon Netherlands, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany or beyond! Get in touch with our team of Amazon experts today to learn more about how we can help launch your sales on Amazon today!