What is the Amazon Influencer Programme and how it can help you

August 5, 2019

Nowadays typical modes of advertising just won’t bring in the sales it once did. Our world is changing, and sellers must change their advertising campaigns as well or risk losing key revenue streams. As discussed previously, celebrity endorsement has become a popular addition to traditional advertising campaigns on Amazon (See Amazon & Celebrity). The Amazon Influencer Programme gives sellers the opportunity to focus their marketing strategy towards specific consumer audiences that may be interested in their products.

How does the programme work?

Social media influencers who sign up as part of the Amazon Influencer Programme are provided with their own Amazon store page. These influencers can showcase specific products that they recommend to their followers. They do through their social media sites directing their followers to their Amazon store page or via Amazon’s Interesting Finds gallery. In doing so, they can earn a small percentage of the commission when a specific product is bought through their landing page. It should be noted that Amazon-owned products may be more favoured though with Amazon Coins earning influencers a 10% commission. However, recently Amazon private-owned fashion labels dropped from a 10% commission to a 4% suggesting a change in Amazon prioritising their products over others. Influencers can also receive commission from Amazon in several other categories such as toys which receive a 3% commission and luxury beauty products that are now receiving a whopping 10%. This means that Amazon influencers are more likely to be susceptive to offers from brands to promote specific products because they will be be paid for the initial ‘shout-out’ and also get a small percentage of the bought product from Amazon. What is great about this commission is that there is no hidden cost. Amazon pays the commission, not you! You may find that that some influencers may advertise your listings for free since they are earning a commission off Amazon already or that certain social media influencers are promoting your products already if they like them enough.

Influencer commission
Amazon’s Influencer Commision Rates (2019)
Okay, so I should reach out to any Amazon influencer then?

No, not all Amazon influencers are the same.

There are 2 different kinds of Amazon Influencer; those that focus on distraction from everyday life (Interrupt) and influencers that focus on answering a specific question/problem (Intent). Since scrolling through social feeds is considered a more passive activity, social media influencers are more likely to belong to the former group. Influencers that focus on ‘intent’ are more likely to be bloggers or own a website as web pages can be more dedicated to a specific topic or expertise. Amazon has given different names to these types of Amazon Influencer calling ‘interrupt’ advertisers as part of their Amazon influencer programme and ‘intent’ advertisers as Amazon Affiliates. The difference between an Amazon Affiliate and an Amazon Influencer is down to how endorsement will affect your product;  Amazon influencers are more likely to raise awareness of your product on Amazon’s marketplace whereas Amazon Affiliates will more likely increase sales as people are explicitly looking for a specific product already.

What are the requirements for the Amazon Influencer Programme?
  • Potential influencers must have a large social media following (Amazon has not given an exact number). The most common platforms include YouTube, Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.
  • They must engage regularly with their followers online.
  • They must maintain a high standard of content on their social media platform
  • Social Media influencers must contain a relevance to Amazon.  It must be easy to see a connection between the type of content offered, their audience and products that are sold on Amazon.

If you can get a social media influencer to advertise your product then you may find yourself with a new demographic interested in your product. Amazon influencers can be used by both Seller and Vendor accounts and be used separately from other Amazon advertising campaigns to optimise awareness and extra sales. For those already using social media influencers, it might be a good idea to see if they are part of the Amazon Influencer Programme, to boost external traffic to your Amazon presence as well.

Beth Collins

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