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October 6, 2019

Amazon’s food delivery services have been around for a long time in the UK but there still seems to be some confusion as to what the differences between them are. We recently had a client who had exactly that issue asking us ‘what the heck is the difference and should I be selling my products on them?’. The answer of course wasn’t so straight cut & we hope that our handy table below will help you with any burning questions you might have.


Who can use it: Prime members and those covered under Prime Household in eligible locations.

What you can buy: Groceries (including perishables and produce), everyday essentials, favourites from local shops and restaurants such as Whole Market Foods & Morissons

Cost of service:  Service depends on type of service bought. There are 2 types of service:

  • Fresh Add-on costs £3.99 a month. Free delivery service
  • Fresh On Demand costs £2.99 per delivery. No monthly fee. Orders £120 or more get free delivery

Minimum order value: £40

Delivery options: Customers choose a preferred delivery window for Same-day or Next-day delivery.

Who can sell?: The AmazonFresh program currently does not accept 3rd Party Sellers. Vendors can ask to enrol however Amazon’s deal with wholesalers like Wholefoods and Morissons usually takes precedence making being accepted much more difficult.

Prime Pantry

Who can use it: Amazon Prime members in UK. Exceptions include milk to Jersey & Beers, wines and spirits to Channel Islands.

What you can buy: Low-priced everyday essentials such as groceries, household products and pet care items in everyday sizes or in bulk. Perishables and produce are not sold via Prime Pantry.

Cost of service: £3.99 per order. Delivery is free if the consumer buys 4 eligible items. 

Prime Pantry is included in the AmazonFresh Add-on membership

Minimum order value: £15.00. Orders over £90 or above qualify for a £4 discount

Delivery options: Order cannot be delivered straight away. Orders will be delivered to your door within 1 day.

Who can sell?: The Amazon Pantry program currently does not accept 3rd Party Sellers. Vendors can ask to enrol.

Online grocery sales are expected to reach $100 Billion by 2025

In short, AmazonFresh appears to be a full grocery store online — complete with fresh fruits and local favourites that you can get delivered to your door. Whereas Prime Pantry, can be described as more for pantry staples in both bulk and personal sizes.

Unfortunately, if you are a Seller, you will not be able to enrol your products into either service. FBA Sellers may find Amazon’s Subscribe & Save service a good alternative to AmazonFresh and Prime Pantry instead. Whereas Vendors will be able to sell via Amazon Pantry so those who are selling everyday essentials especially in bulk may find the service worthwhile to enrol their products on. Moreover, Vendors can also enrol on AmazonFresh but with the acquisition of wholefoods may find being accepted a challenge in of itself.


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