How to drive sustainable business growth with Amazon DSP

February 2, 2022

The proportion of ad spend now allocated towards programmatic media is 89% of the total digital media investment landscape, and is forecasted to top 91% in the next two years. If you’re looking to unlock deeper audience understanding, the Amazon DSP platform offers unique insights into shopper purchase history and intent.  

Below we share why Amazon DSP is valuable to brands regardless of whether they sell on the marketplace or not, plus how to optimise and utilise DSP to drive long-term and sustainable business growth.

Who can use Amazon DSP?

Amazon has a wealth of data on customers and shoppers that you cannot access anywhere else. For brands already selling on the marketplace, the platform provides a huge opportunity to advertise to potential customers who are maybe new to your brand and drive incremental sales. Not only this, Amazon DSP acts as a valuable tool as part of a cross-channel advertising strategy to expand your customer base further. 

Equally, non-endemic brands can benefit from Amazon DSP when it comes to audience targeting. For example, a retail bank may use data based upon whether a customer is likely to switch bank accounts in the next six months.  Through Amazon DSP, the bank would be able to understand the customer's household income and know exactly where the customer is situated from a regional and geographic perspective. Although, they may not be driving an Amazon sale, the bank could use this level of customer information to target the right type of advert to a shopper using the Amazon DSP.

Optimising Amazon DSP to achieve sustainable results

First and foremost, it’s important to note that using Amazon DSP requires brands to follow an always-on approach to advertising. The volume of data available to users, means agile advertisers that respond fast to new insights are more likely to achieve the success they want through the platform.

Exploiting the many useful automation features available to you on Amazon DSP is a great way to achieve fast results. However, whilst it may be tempting to simply leverage machine learning and algorithms to drive the data-rich optimisations on a larger scale, to gain the best results from Amazon DSP, we recommend that brands support this automation with consistent hands-on optimisations. Customer behaviour is always changing, and factors such as seasonality and evolving business objectives should be taken into consideration regularly, to ensure you achieve sustainable results. 

Likewise, performing brand studies provides qualitative insights into customer perceptions of your brand on the marketplace. This qualitative insight will enable you to go beyond the purely digital metrics typically reported on, such as clicks, sales or conversions and unlocks further data to inform a broader content marketing strategy to support your advertising efforts.

Accelerate existing marketing activity with DSP

DSP is data-driven. In fact, it's the most data-driven form of advertising. There is no subjectivity as to what works and what doesn’t work; you can report on every individual user engagement or action - every single ad impression, click, engagement and video view. We suggest using Amazon DSP ads in conjunction with your other marketing activity to strengthen your efforts.

DSP gives you access to data-driven, quantitative analysis on the different types of video formats and creative variants that brands use across other marketing channels and platforms. You can often use the data obtained through DSP campaigns to inform how to manage your other marketing channels — for example, to understand how different types of creatives and creative messaging performs. Using this data to your advantage can help to inform future advertising activity, ensuring you achieve the best return on ad spend in the long term.

Molzi’s team of Amazon advertising experts work with brands of all sizes to determine the best advertising strategy in-line with their overall business. Learn more about how we help brands drive sustainable business growth using Amazon DSP here.  

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David Bradley, Head of Advertising

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