What is Amazon’s Brand Registry?

July 27, 2019

Amazon’s Brand Registry allows brands to adequately control how their products are represented on Amazon’s marketplace. By registering to the service, you are given the tools to control and influence your product listings on Amazon. By doing this, you can protect your registered trademarks and create an accurate and trusted experience for customers.

More than 130,000 brands are registered in Amazon’s Brand Registry.

What will enrolling in Amazon’s Brand Registry get me?

Once enrolled, Amazon will provide you with powerful search and report tools to take control of your brand’s presence on Amazon’s marketplace. These will include being able to search for a specific brand, trademark or product name and finding all the search results within Amazon’s marketplace. You will also be able to upload an image of your products to find similar images/listings which might violate copyright. This will ultimately allow you to more efficiently notify Amazon of any brand counterfeits of your products at a faster rate. This will ensure that your brand will be represented accurately and positively without the worry of counterfeit or unauthorised sellers affecting your Amazon reputation.

Enrolling in Amazon’s Brand Registry will also allow you to create an Amazon store page which can be used as the first landing destination for potential customers. An Amazon store page is an online location where people who click on your brand name can see a custom brand page developed by you. It is technically a brand website found on Amazon, that allows multiple brand pages, links, photos and videos to entice customers to shop for your brand. This will also make sponsored brand ads much more successful. Sponsored brand ads appear on top of the search results using targeted key words that shows up to 3 ASINs from the same seller within a banner. This form of advertising will also allow for registered brands to show off their entire catalogue. Amazon Brand Registry usually gets approved within 24 hours of application meaning brand owners do not have to wait long in order to reap the benefits of an authorised account

On average, linking a Sponsored Brand campaign to your Amazon store page has a 22% better return

For those who want a more authoritative role in removing counterfeit or unauthorised sellers of their brand, brand registry will also give you access to Amazon’s Project Zero waiting list.

What is needed to apply for Brand Registry?

If you are the owner of trademarked product

To be eligible for Amazon Brand Registry, you must first have a registered trademark with the country/countries in each place you wish to enrol your brand in. You must therefore register for Brand Registry in each Amazon marketplace you sell products in if you are selling internationally for example, Amazon.com & Amazon.co.uk. You must also supply details for the number of product categories in which your brand should be listed and the countries where the products are manufactured and distributed.

If you are an authorised wholesaler/distributor

If you are an authorised distributor or wholesaler of a trademarked product on Amazon, you will still need to provide the following information for each brand you are authorised to distribute:

  • An invoice issued by the brand owner to you within the last 180 days


  • An authorisation letter by the brand owner addressed to you.
  • If you are a licensee of a brand, a confirmation by the brand owner, the license agreement or a similar type of documentation (e.g. entry in the local trademark office’s database) must be provided.

Amazon is clamping down on unauthorised brand sellers and claim that both manufacturers and wholesalers must enrol into Amazon Brand Registry or provide evidence of authorisation for all the brands that are supplied to them.

Need support with Amazon’s Brand Registry? Get in touch with the Amazon experts at Mozli and learn how we can enrol your company in brand registry and help you take control of your brand presence on Amazon’s marketplace today. 


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