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October 28, 2019

As the clocks go back and the air gets colder, the thought of Christmas begins to emerge in our minds. However, there is still one major holiday between us & drinking mulled wine in ugly Christmas jumpers by an open fire. Black Friday. Yes, that’s right, it’s that time of year again which consumers love and shop assistants dread.  Black Friday & Cyber Weekend, otherwise known as the Turkey 5, falls on the 29th November to 2nd December. Shop clerks worry not! In recent years shoppers are bagging more of their bargains online, which is great news for Amazon sellers. Though, if you aren’t prepared then it might all be for naught. Don’t let this 5-day online shopping extravaganza go to waste! Check out what you should be doing below to make sure your Amazon Seller Account isn’t left out in the winter cold!

Why is it important to advertise on Amazon during Black Friday & Cyber Weekend?

In short, to succeed in this busy period you need to be visible! Amazon has made it easy for consumers to find Black Friday sales so all you need to do is get your listings on the page. Therefore, Amazon Advertising is such an integral part of preparing for Black Friday & Cyber Weekend. In fact, search impressions attributed to advertising were 3.9 times higher during Turkey 5. Advertising is also important to entice new audiences to your brand as consumers are more likely to buy products from unknown brands during the holiday weekend. Advertising some of your products can also help sell other ASINs as it is reported that promoting your products during Turkey 5 can have an increase of 112% on your Brand Halo.

How should I go about advertising on Amazon during Black Friday weekend?
  • Start your campaign at least 14 days prior to the event to engage audiences and create awareness before the holiday
  • Increase your daily spend by 200%
  • Increase CPC to get 1st page and increase your chances to be clicked
  • Place a deal to entice consumers further
  • Support deal ASINs and best sellers/hero products with Sponsored Ads
  • Keep your Ad running for at least 14 days after the event to entice hesitant buyers

Submissions for deals should have been sent to Amazon by 4th October 2019. If you missed your chance to submit your deals to Amazon, all is not lost! Here at Molzi, we found that brands who were late to submit deals and opted for vouchers, supported by Sponsored Ads during Prime Day, saw sales improve by 75% compared to the previous week. We are certain that, although results may not be as high as having a Black Friday deal, you will still see an increase of sales during the cyber weekend. We believe this is because of consumer frenzy – people WANT to buy during this period regardless of how good the deal is!

Make sure your Amazon products are fought over this Black Friday with Molzi

Molzi sees Black Friday as an excellent opportunity to showcase what your product has to offer. We believe that advertising your products during this time will not only make you money but bring back repeat custom for the Christmas period and beyond due to the positive impact it will have over your Amazon SEO. We see your product as our own so you can be certain that we will do all that we can to make sure your product is seen and bought by as many consumers as we can. We believe that your success is our success!

Are you fully prepared to take on the horde of consumers coming your way?

When you think about Black Friday you instantly think about the crowds of consumers desperately snatching bargains from the shelf, but online discounts require dedication and optimisation by the brand. Molzi can help provide this service for you. Our entire team is dedicated to the nitty gritty of maintaining a successful Amazon account from applying deals, ascertaining product retail readiness and providing excellent PPC.


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Bridget Morrow, Chief Client Officer


Bridget Morrow, Chief Client Officer

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