Why using an Amazon Agency could improve your in-house team

September 9, 2020

As more and more brand leaders are looking to meet growing ecommerce demands, ecommerce teams are looking for the most efficient, effective and profitable way to build out their teams to grow on Amazon. In order to meet demand and grow, the question most brands are facing is how to bring Amazon expertise on-board, and if they should grow their in-house Amazon team or look to hire an Amazon agency. We’ve put together the top 3 benefits of an Amazon agency to help shed some light on why an Amazon agency can improve your in-house ecommerce team. 

Amazon can be a tricky platform to sell on, especially if selling into multiple Amazon marketplaces where language and logistics may pose more challenges. Any brand, large or small, which relies on either one individual or a small ecommerce team to look after their Amazon business may struggle to make the largest impact. A vast amount of skill sets are required to make Amazon a profitable channel including; operations specialists, account managers, data analysts, PPC marketeers, graphic designers, translators, SEO copywriters and DSP managers. If you’re trying to recruit for an Amazon expert, you’re looking for someone who has experience in and can exceed at all of these areas. We call those people Amazon Unicorns! Trust us, these are near impossible to find. Therefore, creating an in-house Amazon team can come with extra challenges when reciting and training and at the end of the day it just might not be realistic due to an investment in time and costs.

On the other hand, hiring an Amazon agency provides your in-house team, regardless of size, additional resources and more hands to grow and expand your Amazon business. The best Amazon agencies have teams in each Amazon capability, pooling together expertise levels and knowledge to  benefit each and every brand they work with. Outsourcing to an Amazon agency can complement your ecommerce team, saving valuable time, helping to improve internal efficiencies and supporting your brand by capitalising on growth opportunities to increase revenue.

Top 3 benefits of an Amazon agency
Saves Time
  • The in-house hiring process can take anywhere between 3-6 months, plus extra time for training and upskilling new team members, whereas an Amazon agency is already fully trained and can start on your account straight away.
  • An in-house marketing team tends to target multiple online marketplaces rather than just Amazon. Allowing an Amazon specific agency to work as an extension of your team will allow for hyper focused Amazon growth, while providing a reduction in internal workloads so your team has more time to dedicate to other profitable tasks and projects.
  • Internal promotions, position changes, and new hires can all have an impact on your Amazon consistency. When working with an Amazon agency, consistency remains stable and the right agency will provide training for any new hires to ensure your Amazon strategy continues to plan.
Improves Efficiency
  • The right Amazon agency has experience working in every area of an Amazon business. From dealing with chargebacks, to FBA issues, a successful Amazon agency knows how to solve an unexpected problem when it arises as efficiently and quickly as possible.
  • An Amazon agency can help upskill your existing in-house team so that they can better understand best practices and brief business leaders more efficiently about success on Amazon.
  • An in-house team may struggle to have all the necessary skill sets to improve areas like; contentadvertising, operational efficiencies and trading to the same standard that a team of experts from an Amazon agency does. Remember, the right agency will have a team of people in place behind each capability.
Saves Costs
  • Amazon software, such as support with PPC, SEO and reporting can be costly. An Amazon agency may be better placed to provide your brand with bespoke tools and software so you don’t need to bear those costs.
  • A proper in-house Amazon team would require multiple employees, including; data analysts, graphic designers, PPC managers, SEO content specialists and more. The cost of hiring and maintaining a team of this size can be costly, and often times outsourcing part or all of your Amazon business to an Amazon agency is the much more cost-effective in both the short and long-term.
  • An Amazon agency can slot into any internal areas which need filling. Any gaps within your in-house marketing teams’ expertise can be filled by an Amazon agency, reducing the high costs of hiring employees with expertise in a specific and targeted area.
Amazon agency or in-house Amazon team?

It’s not always a question of either or because an Amazon agency shouldn’t necessarily be used to replace your existing ecommerce team. Rather, the question should be more about how an outside Amazon agency can complement and help support your team with specific Amazon marketplace knowledge and expertise. In our experience, the best, most profitable agency-client relationships are when clients see an Amazon agency as an extension of their in-house team, working in parallel to achieve Amazon goals.

One of the most important elements to take in account when searching for the right Amazon agency is how invested they are in helping your brand succeed. For example, at Molzi, we believe in a performance based pricing model. What does that mean? It means our fee is directly linked to your sales. We see our clients more as partners, and thus are just as invested as they are in helping their products sell. We don’t break down our time in hours per week we can support because we understand a properly optimised account needs to be looked at and managed daily. Being time poor is one of the main reasons brands fail to meet their Amazon goals! If you are struggling to find time to optimise and manage your Amazon listings or are looking for a strategic partner with an Amazon agency that has the knowledge and experience to grow your brand on any Amazon marketplace, get in touch with our team to tell us more about your Amazon goals!


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