How to fend off aggressive competitors on Amazon

August 12, 2018

If you’re using Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) to drive sales, but failing to reach a level of efficiency because of tenacious competitors, keep reading.

Amazon’s pay per click advertising platform is crucial for driving product visibility, especially in competitive categories, and for new sellers. But if you’re being outbid by a competitor with deep pockets, or one that’s trying to make you fail fast and retreat, don’t be discouraged. There are a number of things you can do to avoid competitors targeting your products on Amazon.

Brand Registry

Firstly, make sure your product listings are in tip-top shape. We’ve previously written about optimising your Amazon product listings to positively influence the Amazon search engine and improve conversions. If you’re a manufacturer or brand owner, you can ensure complete control over your product listings by applying for Amazon Brand Registry. This will help you to avoid sneaky moves by competitors to hijack your listings, and means you will be able to create a Brand Store.

Brand Store

Amazon provides ‘a DIY solution that allows vendors and sellers to create their own brand stores on Amazon, providing customers with an immersive virtual shopping experience’. Brand Stores are basically free mini websites within the Amazon platform that allow you to showcase your brand and wider product range. Having a Brand Store in theory allows you to build loyalty and engagement with shoppers.

On a more tactical level, it provides a multi-page, content-rich environment within an already trusted marketplace where competitors can’t advertise. Having a Brand Store will give you a custom URL (along the lines to direct consumers to using your off-channel marketing activities or social channels, thereby avoiding competitor interruptions. It also gives you an engaging landing destination for Headline Search Ads.

Sponsored Brand Ads

These are the multi-product ads that appear at the top of search results pages on Amazon. Using Headline Search allows you to capture interested shoppers and drive them to your Brand Store where they can build a basket without competitor interference.

Sponsored Product Ads

These ads feature across search results pages as well as product pages, in an array of positions. They’re vital for increasing product visibility in general, as well as defensively by targeting your own brand terms.

A common question we’re asked by our clients is whether they should bid on their own brand or products when they’re already ranking organically. The answer is that if you don’t, your competitors will. Part of fending off competitors on Amazon involves reducing distractions. Making sure your brand and products are right up front when customers are specifically looking for them is a smart move.

Product Display Ads

Finally, use Product Display Ads targeting your own products to avoid customer slipping away at the point of purchase. Also use these ads to target competitor products – especially ones that you’re beating on either price, features or reviews – to really get under their skin and win some sales back.

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