How Amazon’s Advertising business is growing in 2022

June 16, 2022

Amazon’s Advertising business has shown strong growth in recent years, leaving many brands wondering how the platform’s ad business compares to other online industry giants.

A part of this huge growth is Amazon’s ability to be at the forefront of advertising strategy, making their advertising platform more relevant and targeted, along with releasing new products and tools for Amazon advertisers. In this blog, we explain what Amazon’s continued investment in its advertising business means for brands and how brands can take advantage of the growth potential.

Brand building on Amazon

Amazon’s position as one of the prime online retailers globally has meant that many consumer brands have realised the marketplace’s importance as a route to market. As the platform has evolved to become a product discovery hub and no longer just a place for loyal customers to repurchase their favourite items, Marketing Directors now acknowledge the opportunity to reinforce their brands’ key messaging through the huge variety of ad types available to them.

Programmatic advertising through Amazon DSP is growing in popularity. Brands have the option to run hyper-targeted display and video ads on and off the marketplace, including audio and CTV, to capture the full customer journey, attract new shoppers and defend their position against competitors.

Steady growth of Amazon’s Advertising business

Rapid growth in advertising revenue is starting to put Amazon in competition with industry leaders Google and Meta. In fact, Amazon recently revealed that its advertising revenue topped $31 billion in 2021 overall, up around 55% for the year and 32% for Q4 2021 alone.

More interestingly, Amazon’s advertising business now generates more revenue than that of its subscription services and other key revenue streams. Amazon’s heavy investment and continued innovation in expanding its advertising business makes the platform a natural choice for brands to place targeted ads to consumers with high purchase intent.

The deprecation of third-party cookies

With the industry-wide deprecation of third-party cookies, Amazon’s wealth of first-party data has meant they’ve remained largely unscathed by the new privacy tweaks imposed in the digital marketing landscape.

This coupled with the fact that Amazon has one of the largest databases of online shoppers across all stages of the customer journey and across hundreds of retail categories leaves its advertising business poised for further growth.

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How Amazon’s Advertising business is growing in 2022


Misha Pabari, Senior Marketing Manager

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