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August 25, 2019

eBay images are arguably the most important decider to enticing potential consumers on marketplaces, and eBay is no exception. In fact, eBay claims that listings with better image quality are 5% more likely to sell on their site than those that have poor images.

Since eBay prevents you from selling your item until you’ve added images to the listing it is a good idea to make sure your images are optimised so consumers know exactly what you are selling. This will ultimately lead to higher conversions and interest.

What are eBay’s image requirements?
  • The minimum size for images is 500×500 pixels
  • The maximum image size is 9000×9000 pixels
  • The maximum file size is 12MB
  • Images must be either PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, or GIF (We recommend sticking with JPEG files as the other file formats are not truly suited for static images – a JPEG should be 90 or higher on the quality scale.)

Never scale up thumbnail images to the required size – it will look unprofessional and cheap

What about the eBay image itself?
  • All images must show a realistic view of the product.
  • The image should be taken against a solid white or light grey background without a border.
  • Images must not include icons/symbols/text that aren’t on the original product or box.
  • They must not contain copyright marks or watermarks.
Bad Primary eBay Image
A bad primary image – has watermark, text and false claims
What is the maximum number of images I can have for each product:
  • The usual number of free spaces for images is 12.
  • Motor products are an exception with a maximum space of 24 free image spaces.
  • You do not need to use all the spaces.
What should my eBay Hero Image look like?
  • Primary images should display a front view or a slight-angle view of the product and only show the product (nothing else).
  • They should show as many details of the product as possible.
  •  The product should cover 80%-90% of the image frame.
  •  Primary images should not show the product in the box unless it is necessary to explain the product within eg. an ink cartridge by itself would be more confusing than it in the box to explain it.
What about my secondary eBay images?
  • Secondary images can include different angles of the product, and the box if appropriate.
  • Cropped images are allowed, but should not remove any important part of the product.
  • You can only include people or body parts for products in jewellery, watches, clothing, wearable tech, and similar categories.
Good eBay Image Primary
A great example of a primary hero Image
Good secondary eBay image
Image has been zoomed into specific area and at different angle

Beth Collins

Beth Collins

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