The 6 most important things that make an excellent Amazon Brand Store

January 21, 2020

An Amazon Brand Store promotes your products and brand, helping your Amazon sales, and the great part is it is free! However, not everyone understands what makes a successful Brand Store. It is not good enough to just create a Brand Store page, you need to optimise it so it stands out from your competition. Anyone can throw together a Brand Store page by follow a step by step guide and a template, but what differentiates the winners from the losers is the quality and interactivity of your Store.

Here are Molzi’s 6 suggestions for creating an Amazon Brand Store that stands out from the rest!

How Amazon stores work

Amazon stores allow you to promote your brand and products by creating pages for sellers enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry and Amazon vendors. Amazon Stores allow you to connect with potential consumers in ways other advertising options can’t. They’re interactive pages, acting as your own branded site within Amazon itself, allowing shoppers an opportunity to explore, discover and learn about what makes your products unique.

What makes a good Amazon Brand Store?
1. Make it pleasing on the eyes

The beautiful thing about a Brand Store page is that its, well… beautiful! If you want your Amazon Brand Store to encourage consumers to buy, then you must catch their attention. Make them want to buy the experience not just the product. This means you should make sure your store page as appealing as you can. Include great videos and images with a unique design and integrated promotions to customise a multi-page Store, bringing your brand to life.

2. A unique twist to make your Amazon Store page your own

Every serious brand on Amazon has a Store so successful brands must make theirs stand out from the crowd. Moreover, the Store page allows you to get across your branding & brand message. This will aid in making sure that your consumers know exactly what you are about and any shared values that they share with you. Create a shopping experience for your customers, ensuring your Store page is easy to navigate. If consumers can easily understand and traverse through your Amazon page, then there will be less opportunity for potential consumers to drop off the conversion funnel.

3. High quality videos and imagery

Quality videos and imagery is perhaps an obvious choice, but one that many people overlook. A bad quality video or image will sully your entire store page and make your brand seem cheap or tacky. Making every part of the Store page look clean, tidy and high quality will impose these attributes onto your Amazon brand. Remember, an Amazon Brand Store is your opportunity to really sell yourself to your target audience. No one wants to buy a product from a store that looks 2nd rate so don’t skimp on your Store imagery. Ensure you select a strong header image with a minim size of 3,000 x 600 as this is the first creative asset your visitors see so it needs to be eye-catching.

4. Use Call-to-actions (CTAs) on your Amazon Store

Call-to-action buttons are an underutilised tool when creating an Amazon Store. CTAs make traversing a site a much simpler task for potential buyers. By signposting key areas with CTAs, you can draw consumers to locations that you know will be highly profitable. Add CTAs to areas of your Amazon Store that are more likely to convert such as your deals, specific product ranges or even price ranges.

5. Make sure your Amazon Store is optimised for mobile

Even if your Brand Store looks good on desktop, remember that many shoppers browse Amazon on their phone nowadays. If your Store page looks bad on mobile because you neglected to give it attention, you will be cutting out almost half of your audience. Amazon’s Store page builder allows you to preview what your store looks like before you publish it, use this to your advantage!

6. Use your data to fine-tune

Once your Amazon Store is live, we recommend using your search term report and other data analyses in order to determine which categories and focus areas should be broken out. Data can tell you what matters most to your auidence which allows you to continue to optimise your Store using page-level Store insights and advertising reports.

Struggling to see high sales?

There is more to selling on Amazon than simply setting up on the marketplace. At Molzi, we help our clients from content optimisation to account management and PPC management. Our creative graphic design team will bring your brand to life and illustrate your brand story to show your products in action!


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