The 4 steps to take if you lose the buy-box

February 27, 2020

Every seller knows that if you don’t own the buy-box then you won’t make any sales. A lot of focus is placed on winning the Amazon buy-box or maintaining it but there is very little information out there regarding what to do if you lose the buy-box. The buy-box is important because only one seller can own it at any one point.

The winner is the seller which the Amazon algorithm believes to be the best offer to the consumer taking into account the best price, fast delivery, customer reviews and of course Prime eligibility. So ensuring your ASIN is optimised as best at can be in relation to the customer experience is key. Doing so will give the greatest chance of winning the buy-box. However, Sellers can lose ownership of the buy-box for many reasons so it is likely that you will have lost the buy-box at some point.Below are the 4 key steps you should take if you have the misfortune of having lost the buy-box.

1. Keep calm

Losing the buy-box happens to almost every ASIN at one point or another. Unforeseen circumstances can mean that you could lose it at any point but losing your cool over it can make it more difficult to sort out. Additionally, not owning the buy-box isn’t the be-all and end-all of selling on Amazon. Your Sponsored Product ads may end abruptly but you will still be able to send customers to your Store page via Sponsored Brand campaigns and if the consumer checks out the other sellers of a product page. Overall, you can still make sales. so losing the buy-box might reduce conversions. but ultimately won’t remove them altogether.

2. Check out who is winning the buy-box now

It is always worth checking who has won the buy-box from you and see why. Is the pricing lower than yours? Are they using FBA? What makes their product seem more enticing for Amazon to give the buy-box. Any of these things may be why they were able to steal the buy box off you and may give you a better understanding as to how to win it back. Moreover, you may discover that they are in fact a 3P seller you sell to which might open a new discussion on the type of sellers that you decide to sell to.

3. Determine any changes you made that may have affected the loss of the buy-box

Have you made any changes yourself? Have you been changing your prices on Amazon at a rapid rate or received a number of bad reviews/returns. Amazon may lower your buy-box likelihood if your seller rating is reduced or if Amazon believes that you are ‘price gouging’/raising prices when demand is high. Moreover, they may suppress your listing by giving it to another seller or if you are the only seller, remove the buy-box altogether. Another reason may be if you decide to change your distribution solution away from FBA and have yet to enrol in SFP. You will most likely notice the loss of the buy-box as you will have lost your prime eligibility for the time being.

4. Decide what changes you should make

If there seems to be a reason to why you lost the buy-box to begin with, either internally or externally, then it is best to respond to it as soon as you can. Doing so means you are more likely to win the buy-box back sooner. Some changes are easy to make such as lowering your pricing but major alterations such as new distribution solutions or a major hit toward your seller rating may take some time to recover. However, deciding to combat these challenges with reviews or Amazon advertising will ultimately help you win the buy-box back in no time.

Are you regularly losing the buy-box?

Winning the buy-box is tantamount to success for any brand selling on Amazon so it’s always best to do all you can to win it back if you lose it. Our team of account managers have automated systems in place to ensure that we know the moment that we lose the buy-box and allow us to fix any situation as soon as possible. By doing so, we can guarantee that our clients can stay top-dog for their ASINs by remaining the buy-box winner as much as humanly possible.


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