Top 10 best things to optimise on Amazon

February 6, 2020

When you are selling on Amazon as a seller or vendor and are making consistent sales, it is all too easy to leave your ASINs as they are. However, this ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ attitude could be hurting your sales overall. An Amazon product page must be nurtured and looked after if you want to see the best results. Our Amazon experts have compiled the top 10 ways to optimise your Amazon product listings to ensure top search rankings and boosted sales!
1. Images

Your primary image is the first thing a consumer will see when browsing Amazon’s search results. Amazon images can give an impression of the seller so an out of focus or unclear image can deter customers away from your product listing. Moreover, a picture can paint a thousand words which is highly important due to the limited number of character Amazon provides on listings. Optimise your secondary images so that they provide context to your product. For example, add lifestyle images or product size comparisons. These product images will give more information to your consumers and clarify your products, easing any hesitation they may have before buying.

2. Product Title

If your product title doesn’t explain exactly what is for sale, then consumers will most likely not browse your product page. Additionally, if your title is too long and descriptive, consumers may get bored and move on. Amazon will suppress any title that uses decorative symbols in their titles as it is considered messy. An optimised product title should be condensed to a maximum of 80 characters so that they are concise and to the point. They should also contain some of your important Amazon SEO keywords, ensuring your products are seen in search results by your target audience.

3. Amazon keywords

Keywords are the backbone of Amazon search results. If you aren’t targeting the right ones, then you won’t have a chance to be seen by the right demographic. An optimised Amazon seller should take the time and research what words bring the most traffic to their products, adding those keywords to their listings. Even those who have already optimised their search term keywords should consider checking frequently as search trends are constantly changing. Don’t forget to update your search terms every few seasons to remain relevant and ensure you’re seen by your target audience!

4. Product features

Being too specific by providing all the exact specifications in your bullet points will do little to increase conversion. People generally aren’t interested in all the nitty-gritty when they originally start browsing on Amazon (except in specific categories). Instead, be informative and optimise the product features with important factors which the consumer may not be able to figure out by the image. For example, a coat may have several hidden pockets or a detachable hood. Also, consider adding your unique selling point of your product as a product feature. This will help the consumer decide as to whether the item is what they are looking for before researching further. The key is to optimise the product features to make it informative yet interesting.

5. Product Descriptions

This is the area in which you should be informative and persuasive, provide all the information about your product to encourage conversions. An optimised description should show why your product is the best one available. However, be honest about your product, otherwise you may find yourself having to deal with a multitude of returns from unsatisfied customers. You should try to use up all 2,000 characters available and include any keywords you have yet to use. However, make sure your descriptions are engaging, rather than just adding keywords to take up space as a clunky description will put of potential buyers.

6. Pricing

Amazon prides itself on providing the best prices to its customers. If your prices are too high or customers can find lower prices elsewhere, you may find your ASIN penalised. Moreover, competitor sellers may also be lowering their prices to win the buy-box. If you keep your prices the same and higher than your competitors then you will find yourself losing out on conversions. Optimise your prices by being aware of what Amazon considers the best price for your product and keep matching or beating your competitors.

7. Amazon reviews

Although it may seem more difficult to optimise Amazon reviews because you have no authority over what a consumer decides to score you, it is always good to accumulate as many reviews as possible. Ensuring you have a quality product, with the right description and imagery at a good price, will increase the likelihood of positive reviews.  Address any concerns as a multitude of bad reviews will ultimately affect your product sales, just as much as a lack of reviews will. To gain more reviews, it is worth considering Amazon’s review programs- Early Reviewer & Vine – or consider parcel inserts thanking the customer for purchasing and asking for a review. The better the number of high reviews, the higher the likelihood that consumers will trust that your product can deliver what you say it can.

8. Variations

Many Amazon sellers assume that consumers will find the variation of a product they are looking for from search. However, why add more opportunities for consumers to escape the conversion funnel? Optimising your Amazon product pages by merging variations together will prevent potential buyers from leaving your page and finding a competitor’s listing. Variations such as colour, size or flavour can all be put together so that the customer can see all options available to them and could even buy multiple variations without having to look elsewhere.

9. Customer questions

The customer question section is often overlooked, but don’t make this mistake! If you read what people ask about your product you will have a better understanding of what consumers want to know, allowing you to edit your descriptions effectively. Equally, it is a good idea to also answer some of the questions that are asked. Not only will this help you build a rapport with consumers, but will allow you to add extra information to your products without affecting your listing’s character limit. Most importantly, it allows you to have more control over your product as anyone can answer customer questions which could hurt your listing as wrong information can be given if left unchecked.

10. Your account

A massive part of optimising your Amazon products are the things you do away from the product page. Logistical actions such as keeping inventory stocked and keeping an eye on vendor chargebacks can both be improved to help increase sales revenue. If your product runs out of stock on Amazon, your listing will be removed and any sponsored product ads you were running will end. This means that there could be an opportunity for extra growth from customers who couldn’t buy your product as it was out of stock. Whereas, a chargeback that has consistently been present each time a Vendor sends their stock to Amazon can be tracked and solved which will ultimately mean a higher revenue stream because you won’t have to pay the extra fee.b

Need help optimising your Amazon account?

It is a full-time job keeping your Amazon account up to date and requires time, effort and experience. Content, imagery, reviews and even operational improvements are all areas in which you should be focusing your time to ensure your Amazon product listings are optimised as well as possible. And remember, you can’t just set-up a product listings and walk away, expecting continuous sales. Amazon product listings require continuous effort and optimisation to ensure you’re bringing in your target audience and driving conversions.

Don’t have the time to optimise all your Amazon product listings? Struggling to bring in customers and drive sales on your ASINs? Molzi has the experience and expertise to provide the best Amazon optimisation service available. From Amazon advertising to optimising your content, our team can ensure that your ASINs stay ranking at number one while you can spend your time growing your brand into new markets!


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