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August 9, 2020

Amazon is the third biggest digital ad seller in the US, behind Facebook & Google, so it is obvious that advertising on Amazon can be extremely rewarding, if done right. This is one reason why many brands consider hiring an Amazon Advertising agency. An advertising consultant can ensure that your brand’s advertising efforts are guaranteed success on Amazon.

However, some Amazon Advertising agencies see advertising on the marketplace as an add-on rather than an integral part of selling on Amazon and aspire to maintain Amazon ad sales rather than boost them. Below are the 10 things to make sure a media agency knows before hiring them as your Amazon Advertising agency or consultant.

1. The most important advertising keywords related to your brand

It should be a warning sign if an Amazon Advertising consultant never mentions keyword research with you. It means they most likely are assuming which keywords to target with your advertising campaigns. This should be a concern as assumptions can cause a loss in potential impressions and therefore sales. At Molzi, we believe that an Amazon Advertising strategy should be created upon the best keywords related to your brand and products. Even if we believe that we know what keywords are best, we still do a bespoke keyword audit to ensure we are targeting the right demographic that converts best.

2. How to defend your brand from aggressive competition with advertising

Many media agencies want to show off their skills and create an advertising strategy that only considers new to brand consumers because it looks good when reporting back to the client. They become so wrapped up in competing for highly targeted keywords, they tend to forget about defending against other brands as well. At Molzi, we understand that competition can be aggressive which is why we ensure our client’s branded keywords are part of the overall advertising strategy. This way we can focus on boosting new to brand conversions safe in the knowledge that any returning customer searching for our brand specifically will not be stolen away by an aggressive competitor bidding on the brand name.

3. The difference between Sponsored Advertising and Amazon DSP

Many Amazon Advertising consultants focus purely on Sponsored Advertising because it is all contained on the Amazon site. It is therefore generally easier to control and understand since it is all in one place. However, there is a larger Amazon advertising platform which can reach a lot more consumers. Amazon’s Demand Side Platform (DSP) can be used to target shoppers offsite ultimately expanding your potential customer client base. At Molzi, we recognise how underutilised this platform is and are proud to offer it as one of our separate services. We want to help our clients get their product recognised before their target demographic has even clicked on Amazon’s marketplace as to increase brand recognition and affect how many shoppers search for the brand directly.

4. Your target & budget

It may sound simple enough but when it comes to advertising on Amazon, many brands struggle to understand the impact a target and a corresponding budget has. If an Amazon advertising consultant is burning through their budget at a rapid speed, this isn’t a good sign. However, a lot of advertising specialists boast about how they can provide a low Advertising Cost of Spend (ACOS) but this isn’t necessarily a positive thing either. At Molzi, we take the time to listen to your targets and implement an advertising strategy that fulfils them. From brand awareness campaigns to promoting a new product, we have done it all for our clients. We understand the possibilities available to our brands depending on the budget and we never stop learning or adapting our skills to help our clients realise their full potential.

5. The importance of using negative keywords without limiting your advertising success

Negative keywords sound bad, but they are actually a really useful tool at your disposal when creating Amazon Sponsored Ad campaigns. They are specific keywords or phrases that will stop your ad from showing on an Amazon SERP (Search Engine Results Page) if those terms are in the customer’s search query. Many digital marketing agencies are keen to avoid using them as doing so will limit how many views your ad gets. However, our Amazon PPC experts know that if researched and implemented correctly, the views will be more relevant and ad clicks will have a higher conversion rate making the process much more streamlined.

6. Current Amazon advertising news

Everyone who works in and around Amazon knows that the company are dedicated to innovation and reinvention. Amazon is constantly changing their platforms to provide the best service they can for their shoppers. This, in turn, means they are consistently introducing and updating new tools for brands to use to enhance the customer experience overall. As an Amazon media agency that demands high standards from ourselves, we believe that a good Amazon Advertising agency must stay up to date on new tools. Agencies should also stay updated on Amazon news overall to ensure that they are providing the best service they can for their clients rather than relying on old fashioned techniques which once brought success. Amazon is always adapting and shifting, and we believe that Molzi must never stop learning or adapting as well.

7. Advertising acronyms

If your advertising agency doesn’t know the difference between their ACOS and their TACOS or their CTR and their CR then it might be a sign to find a media agency that does! Amazon consultants that know the acronyms of specific advertising terms are more likely to understand what they are measuring within their advertising campaigns and the metrics which they should be checking to ensure that ads are on track for success. At Molzi we want our clients to feel safe in our hands, which is why our Client Service teams are all encouraged to refresh their knowledge regularly. Additionally, we know that technical jargon can sometimes be used to sound smarter in front of brands which is why we may use certain terms but are always happy to explain them for our clients.

8. What your Amazon advertising strategy is

All brands want to boost sales in some way or another but creating a workable advertising strategy needs to be more refined. A good media agency will ask for the exact sort of campaign you want such as Brand awareness, new to brand sales or a new product launch. However, a GREAT media agency will help you determine the best advertising strategy for your brand and work with you to make this a reality. At Molzi, we want to empower our clients to perfectly execute their ecommerce strategy through insight, education, and world class implementation. We believe the best way of working is being in close contact with our clients so that if company priorities change, we can adapt to them seamlessly as well.

9. Your overall brand

A successful marketing agency should understand your brand inside and out. Any content they create, including ad copy, should have your tone of voice so that there is no discrepancy between what they are promoting and what you want to present. Additionally, they should want to know what your bestsellers are as well as your brand values to get an idea as to who you are and the ASINs to support. Our Molzi team take a step further and like to view themselves as an addition to your team. We want to showcase who you are and that means knowing your overall brand.

10. The target marketplace

Contrary to popular belief, no two Amazon marketplaces are the same. There are subtle differences between each one varying from how shoppers search, what items are popular and even what attracts consumers to an ASIN. An Amazon advertising agency should understand these intricacies and implement separate marketing strategies for each market you want to advertise on. For example, a Sponsored Brand ad may showcase different products depending on the country due to the popularity or season. At Molzi we have country leads to help us understand each marketplace no matter how minute the differences are. Clients can be certain that no matter which country they are thinking of selling into, our team has someone who knows exactly what needs to be done to optimise their Sponsored Ad campaign.



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