How Molzi helped a well-known Health & Beauty brand improve Amazon sales using a holistic strategy

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The Challenge

We partnered with this Health & Beauty brand with the goals of increasing UK Amazon sales, improving operational performance and increasing the effectiveness of their advertising strategy.
After an account audit, we identified and outlined ways in which they could increase sales of current product ranges, as well as creating an action plan for launching new products. After proposing our customised Amazon strategy, this brand decided to switch from their current Amazon agency and partner with us. We were excited to have them on board!

The Solution

To achieve success, Molzi took a holistic, fully-managed approach, identifying various opportunities across content, advertising, and operational effectiveness to help the brand achieve their Amazon goals. We developed a clear action plan with specific milestones and got to work!
The first step was to improve on-page content and imagery. We believe this should always be one of the first steps because you don’t want to drive traffic to unoptimized pages. We created A+ pages for their best selling products as well as a fully optimised Amazon Store page to improve brand awareness, tell the brand store and capture shoppers attention.
We then focused on Sponsored Brand campaigns and split testing ads in order to ensure we were getting maximum return on investment by reaching the right audiences, thus reducing ACoS. Another important aspect was to advise the brand on operational performance, with chargebacks being one of their main concerns. We performed a comprehensive chargeback audit for the previous 12 months and presented our findings so they could make the necessary adjustments.

The Result

Our outlined actions lead to an increase of sales for the brand almost immediately. During the first three months of working with the brand, we grew their YoY sales by 254% and saw an increase in orders from Amazon grow 185%. Our skilled team specializing in Amazon advertising reduced overall ACoS by over 20%, while driving new to brand sales by 80% and increasing ad conversion by 37%. Furthermore, our team continuously grows this brand’s account by over 100% compared to the average growth for one of their product ranges in the Hair Care category.


“8 months after starting with Molzi, this Health & Beauty brand hit one of the best-in-class IDQ scores I’ve ever seen of 85%, due to improvements to their content.”

– Amazon Beauty AVS

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