How an Alcohol brand utilized Molzi’s expertise in the Beer, Wine & Spirits category to expand their catalogue and grow sales


The Challenge

This alcohol brand came to Molzi because they wanted to increase their investment on Amazon UK, but were concerned about managing their extensive catalogue successfully. They asked for our help in creating a strategy that would boost sales from the get-go and utilize an advertising budget that would raise brand awareness and sales for their best-sellers and new ASINs. They decided to work with us in a fully-managed capacity, where we worked with the brand in each of our service pillars including; Strategy, Data & Reporting, Finance, Fulfilment & Operations (FFO), Marketing & Content, and Catalogue Management.

The Solution

Our first step was to optimise their existing catalogue by updating imagery and improving SEO for all products. We then built an Amazon Store to showcase best selling ASINs and share the brand’s story. We then worked on adding new brands and products to their range, ensuring all products were retail-ready. We also enrolled new products into the Born to Run programme to gain initial control over how much inventory we could sell on Vendor Central and enrolled ASINs into the Vine programme to generate reviews.
After a few weeks of monitoring and reporting on sales, we had enough data to plan a comprehensive advertising strategy. Our strategy encompassed Sponsored Brand Ads, Sponsored Product Ads and Product Display Ads. Our advertising goal was simple, improve brand awareness and grow sales

The Result

Our content support greatly improved organic search ranking and conversion. Within the first two months we increased their best-selling ASIN to the top 10. Within 5 months of working with this BWS brand we achieved a 406% increase in YoY sales across their entire catalogue. Furthermore, our advertising strategy effectively brought in NTB orders, and reduced their ACoS by almost 30% getting a much bigger return on investment than before.


“We knew we needed support with our extensive range of products and we looked to Molzi to support our objectives of increasing our brand awareness on the platform while ensuring our sales were growing. Molzi has proven they have extensive knowledge in the BWS category, providing us with in-depth insights and plans to achieve our goals. Plus, the team is fun to work and we actually look forward to our weekly calls with our Account Manager!”

– Brand Manager

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