2020 Consumer and Marketplace Report

There’s no denying the impact and influence digital technologies have had on brands and retailers, particularly among younger generations. Looking beyond the dramatic headlines of a failing high-street, it’s clear to see a transforming industry with new marketplaces and retail channels opening up and shaping the future. Understanding UK consumer shopping behaviour will help brands and retailers establish appropriate sales and marketing strategies, correctly allocating resources to engage the UK consumer where they shop.

This whitepaper aims to help brands understand the extent in which Amazon has immersed itself within UK shopping habits. As well as analysing UK consumer behaviours, this whitepaper will provide insights and predictions to allow brands and retailers to adapt to meet the needs of the changing UK shopper allowing them to survive and thrive in the Amazon era.

“Amazon shoppers are wise to the marketplace, understanding implicitly that they’ll automatically be offered the best price amongst competing sellers. It’s a given for Amazon shoppers that they’ll get the best available price here! And more so, they’ll most likely get a free delivery option too (especially if they have Prime).”

– Chris Mole, Molzi Founder & CEO

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