New product testing & development on Amazon

February 27, 2020

At Molzi, we have been optimising Amazon accounts for almost 3 years and already we have grown so much professionally and in reputation. However, we refuse to stop there, which is why, when we see huge potential for our clients, we do all that we can to help them grab it. This is none more evident than when we saw a huge opportunity for a well-known personal care company. 

We’re always performing market research, so that we can create retail strategies that work for our clients – and last year we saw a rising trend on Amazon within the BPC category. We noticed that there was growing demand for teeth whitening products, but no big-named brands were owning the search results within this niche market. Instead, as is often the case on Amazon, there were a multitude of minor, unknown brands and sellers which had used social media tactics to drive significant sales velocity and hundreds or even thousands of reviews, claiming all the Best Seller spots. We knew this was a massive opportunity for our client to grow further as they might be able to dominate this market due to their global reputation. They were a household name that unknown brands might struggle to compete with on Amazon.

After pitching the idea to our client, we set to work creating a Molzi seller account where we could list our clients’ new products, and test pricing and content – not easily achievable for Vendors! After an initial set up period, we started driving product visibility using Sponsored Ads, and enrolled the products in the Early Reviewer Program to generate reviews. After a period of price testing, we were able to recommend the most profitable launch price, and content that indicated towards better conversion rates. This project allowed us to test new products for a big brand before they committed thousands or millions behind advertising and development. Ultimately, we helped our client test new products in a real-world environment with very little risk to them.

This new service also allowed us to research shopping trends and carry out keyword research so that we could further optimise our retail strategy for the brand when they decide to launch their new product via their Vendor account. What made the NPD and testing even more valuable was that the ASIN was already fully optimised from day 1 of the launch to bring in optimum sales from the get-go.

Choose Molzi to help you with your New Product Development testing

Launching a new product can be a stressful situation. New Product Development requires brands risking time and resources on something that might not be a success. This is what makes Amazon such a good platform though, since it is already live, the results aren’t hypothetical, they are fact!  Moreover, with Molzi’s NPD support services readily available, we can ensure that your product testing is as efficient as possible on Amazon. If you need help with bringing a new product to market, or NPD testing on Amazon, contact us and we will help provide you with a strategy that works for your product category and sales goals.


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