A day in the life…of an Amazon agency CEO

August 9, 2020

With a laid back attitude but a burning ambition to help brands reach their full potential on Amazon and the drive to never stop learning and adapting, Chris Mole is the mind behind everything that Molzi stands for. After founding the company 3 years ago, Chris has been an integral member in Molzi’s rapid growth.  Chris Mole has seen the company develop from an idea into what we have become today, find out what he had to say about being the CEO of Molzi.

What does a typical working day look like?

Like everyone, my working day has changed considerably over the last 3 months. My working day starts at 8:30, usually with a check of emails and Amazon orders for the day. I try to keep my mornings as free as possible to work on bigger projects like new service offerings or countries that we plan to launch in. The afternoons are then a Teams video call marathon, catching up with the internal teams and checking in on projects. As we have grown so quickly over the last 6 months, from a team of 25 to 50, my role has had to adapt to be less hands on and more focused on the strategic direction of the company.

What kind of skills do you tend to use daily?

Keeping the all of the plates spinning! We’ve got an incredible team at Molzi, who are constantly adapting to the challenges that we face with Amazon, our clients, but also our own company as we scale-up. I try not to get too involved in specifics (I’m learning, but definitely not good at this yet!), but my main purpose at Molzi is to help keep the tempo and drive in everything that we do. So much of our success to date has been our relentless push for growth. Not just in terms of revenue and clients, but in terms of our service offering, to make sure we can offer a better service than any other agency. That level of continuous growth is exhausting but incredibly satisfying when we hit each milestone in our journey.

What is the best part of your day?

I love the mornings. I am naturally a morning person, and probably at my sharpest around 6am. However, two young children mean that I have to wait until a bit later in the morning to get going!

What is the worst part of your day?

The evenings. While in the mornings I am at my most productive, I am absolutely terrible in the evenings. Easily distracted, prone to falling asleep on the sofa. Normally not an issue, but because I don’t get to check my emails very often throughout the day, I have to scan through for anything urgent in the evenings.

What is the one key issue that you have noticed from your job that brands struggle with the most?

The main one I notice is the thought that hiring a dedicated person to manage Amazon should be enough. When you think about it, it makes sense. Any other big customer would only need one person looking after it. But because Amazon is so self-service, it requires so many different skill sets that you could rarely find in one person (known as an Amazon Unicorn). Copyrighting, graphic design, data analysis, PPC marketing, transcreation, the list goes on.

How best can they fix it?

Hire Molzi (other agencies are available)

What do you love most about working at Molzi?

I absolutely love to see how the company has taken on a life of its own. Our incredible teams are now identifying issues and opportunities and addressing them. Because I can remember 3 years ago when it was just me in a spare bedroom, it makes it even more special to see how it’s developed.


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