Molzi’s guide to winning the Amazon buy-box

November 27, 2019

The Amazon buy-box is an extremely important part of a product page. If a Seller wants to win on Amazon they need to win it. It is unlikely Sellers will succeed at all without the help of the buy-box as it is the fundamental factor of how to sell on Amazon. Luckily Molzi has created an easy guide to winning the coveted buy-box.

What is the buy-box?

The buy-box is the area on a product listing page which consumers use to add items to their shopping basket or to purchase the product there and then. It is found on the right-hand side of the webpage and provides important information for a buyer such as the product and delivery price, whether it is in stock and any small details such as who the seller is or whether the product is Prime eligible. The most important element of the buy-box is the Buy Now button, as it means the product has been bought.

Why is it important?

Amazon gives every product a unique ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) which means the same items sold by different Sellers share an ASIN. This means that if two sellers sell the same thing only one could be shown on the page. The buy-box determines which Amazon seller wins the sale and ultimately the ASIN page. Any seller’s listing who hasn’t won the buy-box can be found underneath the buy-box but will, on average, make less sales. It is therefore extremely important to win the buy-box as it is the easiest and quickest way for consumers to make a product purchase. Sometimes an ASIN may be missing the buy-box altogether in which case no one is winning it.

Who can win the Amazon Buy-Box?
  • Only those with a professional Amazon Seller account will be eligible to compete for the buy-box
  • Items must be new. Used products can be found separately.
  • Inventory must be available. If your inventory runs out of stock, you will lose the prospect of the buy-box and, if you were winning it, it will be given to another seller.
  • Vendor Account inventory is sold by Amazon so 3P Sellers may find themselves competing against Amazon itself for the buy-box.
3 factors that will increase your odds of winning the Amazon Buy-box
  1. FBA & Prime Eligibility – Amazon prioritises Prime products over everything else. If you are eligible for Prime via Seller Fulfilled Prime or FBA then you have a much higher chance of winning the buy-box over those that do not.
  2. Competitive pricingAmazon’s SEO algorithm takes into account the pricing of a Seller’s listing and the shipping fees to determine whether prices are competitive enough. Amazon loves competition between its sellers as it means customers can be certain that they are getting the best possible price for a product.
  3. Satisfaction rate – Amazon wants to make sure that the Seller that wins the buy-box can be trusted to deliver to their standard therefore they will analyse how many customer reviews a Seller has as well as the return rate they hold. A high number of positive reviews and a low rate of customer returns will reward Sellers handsomely.
Struggling to win and keep the buy-box?

Molzi are experts at Amazon trading and growth! Our account managers consistently check that our clients are winning the buy-box and regularly update them on the effect that it is having on their sales. We want to take the pressure of our clients by assuring them that competing for the buy-box is a thing of the past with us on the case! Contact us now to see what we can do for your sales!


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