6 key areas to boost Amazon Prime Day Sales in 2020

January 1, 2020

Prime Day 2020 provides brands with an opportunity to boost their Amazon sales phenomenally each year. However, it is an event eagerly awaited upon much more this year because of the Coronavirus pandemic. To make the most out of 2020’s in-flux of Prime members, brands should consider optimising their content for a post-COVID consumer.

Below are the 6 key areas that our Molzi content team believe to be the best places to optimise to boost your Amazon Prime Day sales in 2020.

1. Hero image

The hero or primary image is one of the 1st things that consumers see when searching for a product through Amazon’s search results. Your Primary Hero image must be in full frame and should be placed on a pure white background (RGB 255,255,255) so that your product can easily be distinguished. This will create less confusion for your potential customers and, if the image is what they are looking for, will entice them to click on your ASIN. The integral part of a primary image is to be as simple, but effective as possible in showing shoppers exactly what the product in question is. Moreover, you want to ensure your ASIN’s hero image is clear as these images also get used when creating sponsored ads – their image gets automatically pulled through from the listing page. It goes without saying that if a consumer finds your hero image enticing, it will help boost your Prime Day sales conversion rate.

2. Lifestyle, video & size comparison images

Secondary images are also important in that they can present information for consumers to digest much more easily than in writing. It is therefore a good idea to use the maximum number of images available on Amazon listings for your category. With 65% of the population made up of visual learners, it is important to make sure that all your images show off your product. Using lifestyle images will help consumers imagine how they will look/feel with the product whereas brands could even create an image that shows size comparison to help shoppers get an idea as to the measurement. Vendors can also use video to give an all-round view of the ASIN. All these images will help in saving your limited character count on the listing page. These images will not only boost Prime Day sales but will also help in hopefully reducing returns and improving customer experience as consumer will know exactly what to expect. One consideration sellers should think about is the order of the secondary images. Although a minor change, the correct order that your images are shown in can have a major effect on the user experience and your Prime Day sales.

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3. Product Title 

Your primary image is only as strong as your product title.  If your title does not correlate with what the consumer sees in your image, they are less likely to click on it. Furthermore, your title should be considered when targeting your SEO keywords as it is one of the places that Amazon’s A9 algorithm analyses when determining your SEO ranking for search results. Therefore, your Amazon ASIN should have several of the keywords you want to be targeting. However, do not shove in so many that your title sounds messy. Good practise is to try to create an SEO product title which is a maximum of 80 characters to keep the listing easy to follow and professional and, most importantly, the entire title will be seen on mobile. It is also important to remember that size and colour variations in titles should be included in child ASINs and not the Parent ASIN. Overall, the product title should focus on clarifying what your product is, noting the brand, the name of the product and if valid, the size as well.

4. Bullet Points

These are the quickest way that consumers determine if this product is right for them. They highlight the features of your product and are also a great opportunity to showcase the unique selling point of your product. You should determine which points consumers would be most interested by and list them in that order so that the most crucial information appears first. Also consider the concise and engaging wording you use within the 200 characters as this section will be used by Amazon for product keywords. Therefore, it is worth conducting keyword research to keep the bullet points updated.

5. A+ Content

Brand owners with Amazon Brand Registry should consider using or updating A+ content on their ASINs. Although all SKUs would benefit from A+ content, the best ASINs to start with would be your bestsellers and those you intend to advertise throughout Prime Day. A+ content allows you to replace your product description with a much more visual appearance meaning you can pack more information onto your page without affecting your character limit and show the full picture of a specific product. The key to optimising A+ content is to consider what would entice consumers to buy your product. Considerations may include a strong brand story, stunning visuals of the product or a combination of short text and stand-out imagery. A+ content is a brand tool which ultimately should be used to improve customer experience and consumer engagement while making your listing look much more professional. Remember to consider how your A+ content also looks on mobile though as this is a major area that will affect your ASIN’s appearance and conversion rate.

6. Store Page

The key to brand success during Prime Day is beating the competition. A Store page does one better and allows brands to showcase their catalogue without the possibility of competitors stealing interest during the customer journey. It is also highly desired in that it can be linked to your Sponsored Brand ads. Therefore, it will be seen at the top of search results before anyone else’s products. However, what makes Store pages so useful is that its unique URL will allow sellers to advertise and attract potential buyers off-site avoiding Prime Day competition on the marketplace altogether. Brands should consider optimising their Amazon Store as landing pages for their DSP ads and social posts during the event as an advertising strategy. Furthermore, they might want to update their store modules to showcase all their Prime Day deals as to further remove any opportunities for stolen custom and streamlining the customer experience.

Struggling to boost your Amazon Prime Day Sales?

When you think about Prime Day you instantly think about the crowds of consumers desperately snatching bargains but online discounts require dedication and optimisation by the brand. Molzi can help provide this service for you. Our entire team is dedicated to the nitty gritty of maintaining a successful Amazon account from executing the best promotional campaigns that fit within your Amazon strategy, creating mobile-optimised content and stand-out store pages and providing an excellent advertising strategy to target potential consumers. Contact us today to ensure that your Prime Day sales take off!

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