Case study: merging over 50 ASINs for brand reputation

March 12, 2020

The Brief

When Molzi initially took on a well-known chemical and consumer goods company as a client, it was apparent that the client had been struggling with poor brand representation of all their brands on Amazon. There were over 31 possible ASINs for the same product which meant that they were evidently missing out on hundreds of possible sales. They were struggling to handle the large number of ASINs they originally owned on the marketplace. 3P sellers were taking advantage of this by selling their products as a separate ASIN as to avoid competing for the buy-box with them. As a manufacturer that owned household names, we left knowing that we needed to get control back from the 3P sellers for all their brands so that they could be presented properly on the marketplace.

Key Actions
  • Merged over 50 ASINs created by 3P sellers to avoid both sales and traffic from being diluted from their listing.
  • Tripled the number of vendor reviews the client held on one ASIN by adding duplicates’ reviews.
  • Raised over 20 infringement cases against numerous sellers
  • Protected our client’s brand from being represented negatively.
What we did

First and foremost, we started by making sure that they were accepted by Amazon Brand Registry for all the brands that they owned. It involved a lot of paperwork and attention to detail to ensure that the registration process was filled out properly and met with very little delay. Also, it meant a lot of cooperation and efficiency to provide all the information Amazon requested for every one of our client’s brands. We did this so that our client could control how all their brands were being represented on the marketplace and provided them with some authority and power over their ASINs. Once registration was in place, we could then begin cleaning up all the duplicate listings that littered the search results when looking for any of their brands.

97% Of businesses say online reputation management is valuable to success

Struggling with your brand representation?

Your brand reputation means everything so why wouldn’t it do so on Amazon; a marketplace visited by over 360M unique people a month just in the UK. The process of spotting and disputing duplicates is a long and arduous one which requires constant supervision to ensure new duplicates do not emerge. Our perceptive account managers are consistently raising cases with Amazon to remove or merge any listings that may arise which affects a client’s brand reputation. Whereas our Amazon advertising and content teams can ensure that your brand is seen on the first page of Amazon. Find out what Molzi can do for your brand and contact one of our helpful sales team members today. We do the dirty work so you can manage what matters most to you.


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