Amazon Lockdown Trends

Over 15 million Amazon shoppers ventured into new product categories during lockdown. To help online retailers better cater to this crucial demographic, we analysed the online shopping behaviours of over 1,000 UK consumers who shop on Amazon at least twice a month.

To help brands adjust and plan for what has been an unprecedented 2020, we analysed the online shopping behaviours of UK shoppers during lockdown to see how they use and perceive Amazon.

“For many people, lockdown has turned Amazon into a necessity. Consumers stuck at home have relied on the platform to buy essential and non-essential products for the first time and hugely valued the service. This is no accident. Jeff Bezos has built the entire business on delivering an unrivalled customer experience and it’s paying off. Clearly Brits’ appetite for Amazon is here to stay.”

– Chris Mole, Molzi Founder & CEO

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