2020 Q4 and Black Friday Amazon Report

COVID-19 has forced a shift in consumer behaviour during 2020, driving ecommerce sales through the roof. The postponement of Prime Day into Q4 has led to uncertainty over how the ecommerce event will affect other retail holidays, such as Black Friday and Christmas sales. With increased demand, supply chain challenges, and a shift to ecommerce from traditional brick-and-mortars, predicting how shoppers will purchase on Amazon during the holiday season has become a necessity.

To help brands with Q4 sales and planning, we analysed the online shopping behaviours of UK shoppers to see how they plan on shopping during the holiday season

“Q4 is set to be huge for Amazon earnings due to its run of sales moments which this year included a delayed Prime Day. And with these moments coinciding with a second wave of Covid-19, brands should be prepared for a rush of consumers relying upon Amazon for Christmas purchases. Simply discounting products and hoping for sales is rarely enough. Deals should be paired with a carefully planned advertising strategy, retail ready listings and available stock to get the most out of the upcoming sales peak.”

– Chris Mole, Molzi Founder & CEO

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